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How to delete a Petal Mail account

How to delete a Petal Mail account

It’s insightful that a big company like Huawei already has its own email service, as we have one more Gmail alternative to nominate. No blocking, if you have no complaints about Gmail (or the email app you use) and you don’t want to use another appWe understand that you are not interested in Petal Mail.

We tested Petal Mail ourselves and our conclusion is that it is still green. For this reason, at this time, very few people will use this email (at least on this side of the world). The problem is that if you have a Huawei account, you automatically also have a Petal Mail accounteven if you do not want to use this service.

But don’t worry, because in this article we will teach you how to delete your Petal Mail account. So join us…

How to deactivate a Petal Mail account

Before coming to the tutorial, we must clarify a little. Right now, it is not possible to completely delete your Petal Mail account without deleting your Huawei account at the same time. And it is that the Petal Mail account is deeply linked to your Huawei ID.

If you don’t want to lose your Huawei account, the only thing you can do is deactivate your Petal Mail account Thus:

Smart! Therefore, your Petal Mail account will be disabled: you will not be able to charge or send new emails. Additionally, all your data (emails and configuration information) will be deleted in 30 days.

no lock, you will be able to recover your mail from Petal Mail as long as you want with the same address, since you have not deleted your Huawei account.

How to delete your Petal Mail account completely

Now, if you want to completely remove your email from Petal Mail (with no chance of recovering it later) and you don’t mind losing your Huawei IDthen you should delete your Huawei account like this:

That’s it! If that last option does not appear, update your Huawei from the Account Center > Settings > Manage updates and try again.

Once you delete your Huawei account, absolutely all your data with the company’s applications (Petal Mail included) will be deleted completely immediately with your Huawei ID. So think twice before performing this act.