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How to disconnect WhatsApp with Internet on

How to disconnect WhatsApp with Internet on

Almost every chat or social networking app has features to let your contacts and followers know when you’re in the ring. Of course, this can be very useful most of the time, but it’s also understandable that many users want to be more discreet in their use. Fortunately, there are options especially for those who want to take WhatsApp offline just for the sake of appearance, even with the Internet on and the app in use.

You can see exactly what you need to do to have a more discreet use of WhatsApp with our tips in the later tutorial. See everything in detail below!

How to disconnect WhatsApp

As we mentioned earlier, you can take steps to take WhatsApp offline. This applies to both normal use of the app, preventing others from knowing you are in a row or when you were last in the app, and other activities.

It is possible, for example, not to show when a message has been learned and not to show status updates. Of course, they are all individual and optional options. You can even change them at any time.

This helps a lot for those who just want to take WhatsApp offline for a few moments during their daily life.

Change the “Last Met” option

To start our tips, let’s talk about how you can change the “Last Met” option. She is the one who shows you when you last used WhatsApp or if you are currently in a row.

If you want to take your WhatsApp offline, this is the most important option to change. To do this, click on the vertical dots on the right side of the screen and select “Settings”.

Then click on the “Account” option.

To continue, you must select the “Privacy” option in the subsequent tab.

Once you’re there, you’ll see several options that we’ll be using in this tutorial. For now, just click on “Last Met”.

Among the options, you must choose the “Nobody” option. That is what will disconnect WhatsApp whenever you want.

As we mentioned, you can change this option at will when you want your contacts to see you in ringlera again. It’s even worth mentioning that by disabling this option, you’ll even be able to see when your contacts were last in a row.

Delete recital confirmation

Next, we’ll show you how it’s possible for your contacts not to know when you’ve sent a message. Currently, if recital confirmation is enabled, two blue stripes are displayed below the message to indicate that you have wised it.

To change this, go to the “Privacy” menu again and look for the “Review confirmation” option.

Simply click the toggle next to this option to turn it off when you need it. It can even be modified at will like the rest of the options.

Unsurprisingly, by disabling this option, you even have no way of knowing when someone has wised up your messages. You will only know that they were delivered to the recipient.

hide status

Finally, we can also hide your status updates to try to take WhatsApp offline as much as possible. This is good for those who like to refresh this feature frequently, but don’t want everyone to see it all the time.

To prevent anyone from seeing your current status, go back to the “Privacy” tab and look for the “Status” option.

Then choose the “Nobody” option if you don’t want anyone to see your updates.

Simple provided, right? Do not forget that this is another option that you can change whenever you want.

Did you like the tips to disconnect WhatsApp?

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