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How to display stories on Instagram

How to display stories on Instagram

On Instagram you can share your best moments with those who follow you quickly. You can do this by posting photos and videos as stories on Instagram. These stories are shown in full screen and only last 24 hours. In the event that you do not want a particular person to see the stories you post, you can add them to the Hide series. You also have the option to return to show stories on instagram. Next, it will be indicated how this process is carried out in the language.

Show stories on Instagram

if later you want show instagram story to any of your contacts, you must follow these steps:

This is the way you can show instagram stories, to all those followers who want to see your Stories at every opportunity.

Privacy settings and stories on Instagram

You should be aware that the privacy settings you have on your account will affect the way other users see your stories:

Recommendations on how to hide your Instagram Stories

You should keep in mind the following recommendations when hiding Stories on Instagram:

Know if other users have blocked you in their Stories

The enthusiasm of hide instagram stories from other users is light. But, there is even a chance to understand if you have been blocked. The only drawback is that the process to follow is a bit more complicated. This is because Instagram does not directly offer an option to be able to check which users have decided that we cannot see their Stories.

The first way to check if you have been blocked is the following:

another way you can check if certain has blocked you in their Instagram Stories, It is next:

hide stories on instagram

There are some quirks about the hide stories feature on Instagram you must understand:

How to hide stories on Instagram

On Instagram you can hide stories from certain followers In different ways:

Hide stories through your profile

To be able to hide stories from specific users, follow these steps:

At the end of this procedure, all users who have been selected with this option They won’t be able to see your Stories. They’ll see your feed, but they won’t be able to understand that they’ve been selected, so they won’t be able to see your stories. Of course, before long they may wonder why they can’t see your stories anymore, but they can see the rest of the profile or content you post.

Hide user series stories

You also have the possibility of hide stories using a secondary method. You can do this while seeing that a favored has spent the stories, by following these steps:

Hide stories through the profile of a favorite

The third way of hide stories from a specific favourite, he is doing it through his Instagram profile. To be able to hide Stories through a profile, follow these steps:

hide and show stories on instagram in certain users, it is a habitual enthusiasm. Usually done when you don’t want to share stories with everyone. It is a simple process to carry out, with very few steps to follow.