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How to download videos from Instagram

How to download videos from Instagram

Instagram recently added a new option that allows users to zoom in on a 15-second video on the side of just one photo. Now it’s like a mini rendition of YouTube (not to mention Vine). And just like Youtube, it is also possible to download videos from Instagram.

Rivalries left behind, if you are in the habit of downloading videos online, surely you know that you can also download videos directly from Instagram and here on Apptuts we will show you how.

Basically, there are two ways to download Instagram videos. The first option is to download it from a web browser and watch the video on your computer. The other way is to like a video and it will be saved to your favorites on the storage service in abundance, with some installation steps required. But pay attention because in the following lines we will explain step by step how to do each of the two methods.

Additionally, we also introduce some tools that can help you do this a little more skillfully at the end of the article. Feel free to nominate which one you prefer to use, after all, they are all good for downloading Instagram videos!

Method 1: Through the web with By Click Downloader

To download videos from Instagram, first download and install By Click Downloader on your computer. Once the task is complete, go to the video you want to download on Instagram and copy the video URL.

Then the software itself will send a popup on your computer asking if you want to download the video, just confirm the download.

Method 2- Via IFTTT

If the successful bidder already uses IFTTT, they can click here and start using it. If you don’t use it, we’ll show you how to work with it below:

IFTTT: Create

To download Instagram videos directly to your storage galore, first try creating an IFTTT account.

After giving your data, the IFTT will ask you to choose a channel. Since what we want is to veil an Instagram video, we are going to nominate Instagram, obviously. You need to activate your Instagram. Now the successful bidder must nominate what movement they want to make with their Instagram account, basically they will add the IFTTT service. Then click Create.

IFTTT: Create a Motion Channel

The next step is to nominate your movement channel. For this tour, we’ll use Dropbox as an example of a storage service galore to back up our videos.

Activate Dropbox like we did back in the day with Instagram. Again, since we want to veil Instagram videos, choose “Associate file from URL”.

Then click on “Create movement” and “Create prescription”. With that, it’s done.

Now any video you like on Instagram will be saved to your Dropbox. However, the service will only check Instagram every 15 minutes, so videos are not saved instantly. The recorded videos are in MP4 format in Dropbox, so you can retrieve them from there and watch them whenever you want.

Try Instagram

An alternative to downloading videos from Instagram is Instawload. The utility can be accessed directly from your browser and can also be used to download images. Additionally, they have an alternative that offers the same functions, but dedicated to Instagram Stories.

Instawload is easy to use and on the other hand it is a cap. Enough to access the site, enter the URL of the Instagram post you want to download and presto. Simple, don’t you think? It is important to mention that this only works for public Instagram profiles and cannot be used for accounts marked as private.

Another interesting feature that the platform offers is that it can be installed directly on your website. This can be done through your Widget, just copy the HTML code and make it available to your visitors.

Meet DownloadGram

Just like Instawload, DownloadGram also works from the browser and allows you to easily download images or videos from Instagram. It has a detailed tutorial on how to get the URL of the post you want to download. And like the other options, it is also completely cap. Another nice feature is that DownloadGram allows users to download videos posted on IGTV.

Apart from that, they also offer a Bookmarklet that can be amplified directly to your browser. That way, when you browse Instagram and find a post with some video you want to download, you can just click on the new icon and open DownloadGram automatically. It is worth taking a look, go to the official page of the tool through the link!

Did you like our tour to download Instagram videos?

Very easy! Did you have any questions during the process? Leave us a comment and clarify your doubts, or tell us which of the tools has been the most skillful for you!