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How to edit the cover of your Instagram reels? – Make them more eye-catching


How to edit the cover of your Instagram reels? – Make them more eye-catching

Of all the social networks that exist today, Instagram has finished positioning itself as one of the most used. Of course, this is because of all the great features it has in itself, like the ability to create covers for your videos (better known as reels). Here’s how to create and edit these covers.

How conspicuous should you create your film cover?

What Instagram is a social network In particular, it has its own measures for the content that is published; and in the case of the Reels it is not different. These must have a measure of 1080 x 1920 pixels and an aspect ratio of 9:16. However, in the case of covers, this may be left over subject to the opinion of the heir.

The covers for Reels published on Instagram have two sizes recommended by users. The first is 420 x 654 pixels, and the second is the same as the size of the reels: 1080 x 1920 pixels. Of course, this depends on the whim of each person, but it is preferable to make the covers the same size as the Reels.

How can I change an already published Reel?

Having published a reel on Instagram it is not possible to modify anyone in the video itself. Without confiscation, it is possible to change the description, the location or even the tags attached to it. In fact this is very simple, since you have to enter the application, go to the Reels tab and find the one you want to edit.

After this you have to open it and click on the three dot menu, from where you can see several options to edit the publication. For example, you can see the option to change the description, change the location or even the labels made. However, in some cases, the original shares will have to be disposed of entirely.

How to change the cover using Instagram on time before uploading it?

When learning an Instagram Reel using the app, you can use your preferred size, captions, locations in the app, and mentions. Above, when I finish learning the same a cover will be placed automatically which will be part of the video. Without confiscation, it is possible to edit this cover simply.

What to do is, after learning the reel, go to the icon that says ‘Cover’ and press to. From there you can see a small reel that will show some parts of the video. By moving it, you can position the exact point of the video that you want to use for the cover; then click ‘Have as project’ or ‘Share’ and crafty.

From what software can I edit the covers of my reels?

To create successful Instagram Reels, and still put up covers that are eye-catching and attract our followers, external programs can be used. These not only provide a wealth of features, but still allow for very selfless work. next We will talk about two of those most prominent stamping programs on Android.


Viva Video is an application that is conditioned for Android, which allows you to make a very clean and effective printing of short videos for Reels. This rig has functions such as applying filters, placing music, making sound devices, change fonts, place images, video layers and the like.

Thanks to this excellent software and its wide variety of functions, great video editing can be done. And since it has many embossing tools, you can make very nice and eye-catching covers.

Kine Master

Like the starter, KineMaster is a software that allows you to edit videos and still associate cool covers. This video editor is for mobile devices and has features like trim video, paste media, merge scenes, fix speed and much more. Without a doubt, this software is worth it.

Well, as you can see, creating covers for Instagram Reels is not that complicated. If the suggestions given in this tutorial are followed, and the recommended programs are used, without a doubt, it will be possible create attention-grabbing content from the acquaintance, and still that looks stylish in the feed.