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How to find music on Spotify using album art

How to find music on Spotify using album art

The power of the cloud and the usefulness of our mobile phones can be extraordinary. Today we bring you a method to find music in Spotify using an album art, just taking a picture of it.

The power of the cloud: this is how Record Player works

Record player is the application that we bring you today to do what the title describes. It is not actually an application, as it is not in the Play Store. It is a Progressive Web Application, so you have to use it through the browser of your mobile phone.

And how it works? Use two tools from Google and Spotify. The search engine uses API Vision, a tool that from within the search engine Google They define it like this: “Extract valuable information from images with our powerful Cloud Vision API.” Basically the API behind tools like Google Lens. On the side of Spotify They use their Web API, which is used to relate the metadata of the music.

Therefore, when the user uploads an image or makes a Photography To the album art, the Google API takes care of finding the relevant elements, searching for them on Spotify and connecting them with the metadata, and then returning the results to the person who did the search.

Record Player, or how to find music on Spotify using album art

To use Record player, you must access their website. You must log in to Spotify using the button Log in to Spotify and, once that is done, click on the large box of Take a picture of a record cover. Select a file from your mobile through a file explorer or select Capture image to take a picture. If all goes well, it will return you a Spotify playlist with the entire album. You will have a button to share the link to the list, and you can listen to small samples of each song before opening it in the application.

If the result is wrong, you can click on a button below that says That’s not it, let’s try again!; and the search will be performed again. At the bottom of the page you will have a button Logout of Spotify to log out. If you want to have fun, you can try taking a picture of anything and see what results it offers in return. You can also use Record player from your computer.

Use Record Player from your website