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How to fully customize your Instagram Story Highlights?

How to fully customize your Instagram Story Highlights?

Surely, to these directives, you already know perfectly well how to handle highlights or Instagram highlights. However, you can get much more essence out of them than you think. Do you want to learn how to customize permanent Instagram story folders?

We give you all the tricks you need to make the most of Instagram story highlights! backstitch with put creativity to work and take into account the possibilities it offers you This function.

4 Different Ways to Create a New Story Highlights Folder on Instagram

The first thing you need to learn is to create story highlights folders too manageable. There are up to 4 different ways to do it! We explain them step by step so you can choose the one that is most comfortable for you.

Create a new story highlights folder from your Instagram profile

  1. On your Instagram profile, click “New” punctual below the race and above the publications, where are the highlights.
  2. Choose what history of your file you want to highlight.
  3. name it to the folder and, if you want, edit cover or upload a new one from your museum.
  4. Tap on “Dynamic”. And now you have it!

Use the new “New Post” sapling to create featured stories

  1. Click on the square icon with a “+” sign insideI just like to upload a new post to Instagram.
  2. Choose the option “Featured Story”.
  3. Choose the story you want to highlight. For example, one that leads to a post on his profile.
  4. give it a name to the new collection and change the sleeve as you like.
  5. give to “Dynamic” When you finish.

Highlight an Instagram story from your stories archive

  1. Click on the three line icon from your Instagram profile to uncover the menu.
  2. Choose the option “Proceedings”.
  3. Click on the down arrow icon attached to “Publication File…”, at the top of the screen.
  4. Choose “Stories Archive”.
  5. Choose the story you want to highlight.
  6. Edit the new folder as you want: put a good title, change the cover …
  7. give to “Dynamic”.

Upload story highlights directly from the story editor

  1. create a story from Instagram. You can style it however you like, or even put stickers like “Weather” on it with the editor.
  2. Once I’m awake press and hold the “Your Story” sprout which you will see at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Choose “New” to create a new LP of highlights.
  4. give to “Add”.
  5. What this story will automatically be set as the coverYou can change it to edit the folder from your profile, with the option “Edit story highlight” once created.

Customize the covers of your Instagram highlights on your profile

This function goes far beyond keeping the ephemeral stories of Instagram in your profile so that everyone can see them after 24 hours. For many influencers and small businesses, it’s a very important part of aesthetics from your profile.

Highlight stories of worth that contribute little

The best option to avail the Instagram highlights feature is to use them to spread the most important stories for you.

These can be memories, stories with your favorite songs or, as we mentioned before, links to posts you want the whole world to see. What you want!

Create beautiful covers for your story highlights

Given that they will be exposed there, we recommend that you take advantage of the highlighted stories to make your Instagram profile even more beautiful and brand new.

You can design the covers of your highlights from the publisher himself of Instagram stories, upload photos of your museum Or create more professional designs on sites like Canva, which has tons of free templates and options.

and if you need inspiration to design your covers, the best thing is that you take a walk through the Instagram accounts that you like the most. So you can take a look at the most “aesthetic” collections of featured stories on this social network.

There are those who want to have an organized profile with they all cover the sameWho uses photos to match your feed of Instagram, who choose to use icons or solid colors… There is one for all tastes!

You can even be creative and crawl nice covers for your stories highlights on Tumblr or Pinterest, one of the best free photo apps. Inspiration always flows there, so sure you find great ideas.

Give original titles to your Instagram Stories highlights

You can also compete with the aesthetics of the titles of the highlighted stories. You can, for example, decorate them with emojis or use different fonts that you will find in font converters for Instagram like Messletters.

The essence is to learn what aesthetic you want for your Instagram profile and make it happen!

Keep in mind that anyone can see the stories highlights on your profile, even without having an Instagram account. So they had better be as pretty as possible!