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How to gain followers on Instagram in 2021 – THE MOST EFFECTIVE TRICKS

How to gain followers on Instagram in 2021 – THE MOST EFFECTIVE TRICKS

The Instagram platform is becoming more excellent every day: it already has more than a million downloads by users, and it has more than sixty million of these distributed throughout the network among its photos.

This year could be a good year to promote your account, either as a successor or as a company, and try to grow in followers and impact, since being the social network of the moment it is ideal to be perfectly located and have loyal followers That they “like” your publications, to get the veteran number of interactions on your profile and in your account.

There are many ways to try to achieve success, And although it is never easy, we are going to show you tools and some tips to try to make the most of Instagram.

How to get followers on Instagram?

Obviously it is a complicated task, and the first thing we can tell you is that you believe in your work, and the photographs you upload, along with the stories, are of good quality, close and above all work, work and work.

If you browse the Internet a bit, you can find career courses to learn how to use Instagram and improve your position on this social network, for free or even by subscription, including a video tutorial on YouTube.

Social networks are in principle free, but if we want I take out all the spirit they can give us (win more people, get more interactions or even betray products or services), we will have to assign a small budget for marketing actions that will make us increase the number of followers, likes and comments.

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What is the best time to print on Instagram?

The content you post is essential to gain a veteran number of followers, it must be close, probable and even show private plots that we don’t mind sharing with the crowd. Little that is usually done in all social networks.

You can approach it with inspirational messages and positivity to reach a goal. This is the path used by many personal trainers, for example. What motivation is your tool and weapons to hook the audience.

As an example we can quote Sergio Peinado, very active in social networks, and knowledgeable about the marketing involved. He has over five hundred thousand followers on Instagram alone.

Use a perfect way to connect with your audience and reconcile the human band with the band of your personal brand, since it is like a gateway to your “true life” where it involves the people who follow it on a day-to-day basis, little that the crowd likes, to be close and participate in its content.

Another Instgramer that grows without stopping is Manuel Ordovas, fashion influencer, who combines the most classic style with the latest fashion trends. Look for it and you will know what the new Hidalgo Gachupin is.

On the other hand, Daniel Illescas is approaching a million followers, insensitive traveler and creator of extremely high quality photographsIf you like both combinations, be sure to follow her.

In the effeminate section, fashion influencers occupy the top positions in the Francoist ranking, but now I want to talk to you about Veronika Sierra, engineer influencer focused on the Apple world, without neglecting other facets and that she herself has done. She cares a lot about the quality of her work with casual aerophagia.

Another Spanish influencer is María Fernández, always smiling in her photos, with her emblem “You always have the option to be opportune”, she shows the world of fashion, makeup, etc. more daring.

Use hastags strategically

Instagram gives you the option to place up to 30 hashtags in your posts for tag the content of what you are posting.

Using hashtags we tell other users what is the subject of the photos and videos you upload, but also you can beat other profiles that do not know you.

For a long time the application allows you follow posts that are tagged with a hashtag. This way you will see photos of the content you follow on your Instagram timeline, mixed with those published by the accounts you follow. It is a simpler and faster way to filter photos by content and not only by who publishes them.

This will make you news (section of the application where you will see the publications made by the accounts you follow) you will also see some publications that contain the hashtags you are following.

This, for a band, It is one of the best ways to make yourself known to other users who still do not follow you and, on the other hand, discover other accounts that post content that interests you. So now you know, if you like #tech, #Android or the world of #nature or you’re more into #cinema, don’t hesitate and tag and explore related #hastags.

You just have to write the hastag you want to follow in the search bar, and the ones that are available will appear, pressing the button “Follow” you have it done. That is why you must correctly use your tags in the publications you make.

But don’t ruin it with too many #hastags, with an average of between five and ten per post you will already be reaching a good number of audiences.

instagram stories

Video is a format that, perfectly used, is capable of generating a lot of interaction between followers. I like Facebook, facebook live It allows you to create that expectation with the videos you upload, on Instagram you can also use it to connect more with your followers.

In 2016, Instagram launched instagram storieswhich allowed first-time users upload photos, associate filters, genre and layersand thus form a “history” of Instagram in slideshow format. In the same year, it extended this functionality to also upload videos.

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Instagram Stories explore fun, that’s why you have so many genres and possibilities to give a fun touch to the photos and videos you want to upload with this useful tool.

When to print on Instagram?

Believe it or not, it is a matter to consider, since If you know what time your followers are usually connected and you publish at that time, obviously it will have a greater gravity those photos or videos you upload to Instagram.

If you have a company account you will have access to some statistics related to your followers and your publicationsso you can see when the vast majority of the profiles that follow you are in the running.

Otherwise, there are applications that can help you in this matter: at the end of the article I will present the best known and most successful among users.

Other alternatives are perform giveaways to overcome followersand promote it over multiple posts with engaging videos, etc.

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Accounts with the most followers on Instagram

Let’s now go to the Top 10 of the most famous Instagram accounts, in case you want to follow them in exploration of inspiration:

Tools to help you grow on Instagram

First than absence, we will show how to transfer your instagram successor account to a business account, in case you are interested in memorizing what time your users connect, the growth rate, etc. If you don’t want to take that step, we also show you a series of applications that can help you with this and other recurring themes for Be a professional instagramer.

To pass your personal profile to a company you have to do the following:

  1. Log in to your Instagram account and go to your profile.
  2. Click on the three horizontal stripes that you see in the upper right part of the mobile screen.
  3. Press the python “setting”Located at the bottom right.
  4. Next, click on the python called “Bill
  5. Once you are in “Account” press the button highlighted in cerulean that says “Switch to business account
  6. Instagram welcomes you glued with the explanation of some of the functions of the company profile. Here hit at all times to continue.
  7. Connect your Instagram account to a Facebook page. remember! With a Facebook page or a fan page, a personal page is not worth it. Hit below.
  8. And you already have your company profile awake.

Ana.ly – Followers Analyzer for Instagram

Ana.ly – Followers Analyzer is a precise observation tool designed for Instagram. You can track your instagram followers, find people who do not follow you and who do not follow you anymore; who blocked you, gained followers, lost followers, your most popular posts…

FollowMeter – Decomposition of followers for Instagram

FollowMeter is the easiest way to establish your Instagram account. Allows you to give away information about your Instagram accountmonitor your followers, their growth and the performance of the posts you make.

instagram design

This application developed by the Instagram team itself allows you to edit, combine and mix your own photos to create collage photos.

The process is very simple and you can use up to 9 photos to create fun with custom designs.


A tremendously useful tool that will help you in the possibility of schedule publication of your posts. This is little that you cannot do with the native Instagram application and it will be tremendously useful for you to better organize yourself and the topic of schedules that we have already discussed.

hashtags for promotion

The simplest and most efficient application to promote photos and posts on Instagram. The app contains a large number of popular hashtags. For veteran convenience, they are divided into categories and you can associate your own tags.