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How to hide that you are online on Instagram

How to hide that you are online on Instagram

There are many occasions when we want to hide our status from a specific application, be it WhatsApp, Telegram or even the popular Instagram application. In the first two it is quite simple, in the third it is necessary to follow some essential steps if you want to hide being online from your contacts.

The only downside to this is that if you don’t show your status, you won’t even see anyone else’s, but it’s worth it if you want to be invisible at all times. Instagram allows you to hide being in a queue like other very popular tools of the already long-lived Android system.

How to hide that you are in line on Instagram

This process has been underway since almost its extension, but it has changed drastically in 2020, so it will only take a minute to complete. If you tend to use Instagram a lot, it is best to delete this from time to time and restore it again if you need to see other people in line.

The green dot is the one that shows the “Online” status both yours and that of other people in the contact list, if you want to remove that green tone you must perform the following steps:

Note: Of wanting to return to the state You must follow the same steps and activate the option that says “Show activity status”, in any case you can do it in time or forever. Instagram by default has the option activated, if in this case you do not want to hide your status, leave it as it is.

Instagram is one of the predominant social networks, it integrates well with Facebook and other applications acquired by the well-known social network. You can also prevent people from finding you on Instagram, isolate direct messages or secure important comments, among other things.