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How to increase Internet speed in Prompt


How to increase Internet speed in Prompt

It is popularly provided to find out ways to test or increase the speed of the Internet on your PC. In some situations, when you get the exact speed you pay for, there’s not much you can do. But in cases where the internet slows down for no reason or doesn’t get the promised speed, there are a few ways to fix the problem. Interestingly, some of these ways involve the command prompt.

If you are curious and ready to find out how you can increase internet speed with Command Prompt, just check out our top tips. See everything in detail below!

How to clear command prompt

First of all, it is important that you know how to clear and use the command prompt in Windows. The good thing is that this is relatively simple and can be done in different ways.

The first way to clear up Command Prompt is still one of the easiest. Simply press the “Windows” and “X” keys at the same time to bring up a small options window.

Among the available options, simply choose “Command Prompt” to clear the software. If you want to clear in admin mode, just click the option with the “(admin)” next to it.

There is yet another option to brighten this same options window in a subtly different way. Just click on the Windows Start menu with the right mouse button.

Then, as in the step alluded to, select the Prompt (in administrator mode or not) to use it.

Finally, you can simply use the Windows search feature. It is present in all modern versions of the active system.

Type “cmd” or “Command Prompt” in the system search field and the app will appear among the results, just click on it to clarify. The search field can be entered from the Start menu and you don’t have to click on it to start typing. Just press the Windows key once and type to find out.

1. Renew the IP address

The first thing you can do to increase Internet speed with Command Prompt is to renew the IP address. This can solve some slow problems most of the time.

To do this, type the command ipconfig /release and press the Enter key to confirm it. You’ll see some columns of text appear right away.

When this stops, type the command ipconfig /renew and hit the Enter key again. This should renew your IP address and any internet related issues should be gone.

2. Purify DNS Personality

Another possible alternative to increase Internet speed is to clear the DNS personality. This is done because your PC maintains a kind of directory with the website names and IP addresses that you visit, which should make it easier to connect to a previously extensive website at other times.

The problem is that any damage that occurs in the personality can make your path much more sluggish than usual. This leads us to do this quick personality grooming.

To do this, simply type ipconfig /flushdns at the command prompt and hit the Enter key.

Then you will see the message that the personality erase was successful.

3. Reset Winsock

Our further alternative is to reset Windows network sockets. They can also end up corrupted for some reason, which would make your connection slower or pathless.

To reset them to the default titles, you need to type netsh winsock reset at the command prompt and press the Enter key to confirm the move.

You will then see a message asking you to restart your computer. Do exactly that, and then see if you can increase the Internet speed when the PC comes back on.

4. Use the Netsh command

The Netsh command is well known for allowing you to make various network settings on your PC through the command prompt. These changes can greatly affect your internet speed performance if you notice slow or slow loading of the websites you want to go through.

Below, we will list the commands you need to enter at the command prompt, one after another. You will have confirmation that it was entered correctly with an “OK” after each command:

After entering all the commands and getting “OK” on each one, it is time to reboot your PC.

Check if everything is working properly and if you notice any difference in internet performance. If you want to disable some of the settings you’ve enabled, simply enter the code again and change the word “collector” to “disabled”.

5. Increase the transmission speed

Finally, we have a very specific advice for those who have a good generic Internet connection, but notice problems when watching streaming videos. This is a very popular situation and it happens when your internet provider breaks down on purpose to reserve your gang charm.

To resolve it, just enter the command netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”StopThrottling” dir=moving=isolation remoteip=, enable=yes and press Enter key to confirm the move.

Then just try some streaming service that has had problems in the past and see if anything has improved.

Did you like the tips to increase Internet speed?

Did you take advantage of our tips on how to increase internet speed with command prompt? Do not forget to leave your comment telling us what you think and if there are any other suggestions that you would like to see around here.