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How to prevent apps from accessing your location on Android


How to prevent apps from accessing your location on Android

Whenever you think about installing a new app on your Android, you can see what permissions are needed to have it on your smartphone or tablet, and often that includes your location. Basically, this means that there are multiple apps on your device that know exactly where you are at different times of the day.

Although this is relatively harmless in many cases, it is still a very worrying aspect these days, especially when it comes to applications that do not use this information transparently in their functions. The good thing about this is that it is possible to prevent apps from accessing your location on Android.

The measure is a bit drastic, since it takes attacks from all applications (even those that effectively make good use of this information), but it is a good option for those who really want to preserve their privacy and ensure their security. To learn more about this, just check out our tutorial below!

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Disable location on Android

To get started, open the Android settings menu and swipe the screen slightly around the bottom until you see the “Location” tab.

You will see that the “Location” option will be enabled and a possible strip of applications that have currently requested an attack on your location.

If you wish, you can click on these applications to see additional information about your permissions regarding the GPS of your device.

If you click on the “Location History” option, you will see some data about your device and how your location has been used recently. Click the green button to disable this feature and click “Delete Location History” to delete the collected data.

Going back to the screen alluded to, we can finally turn off universal location tracking on Android. Simply click the green button next to “Location” and the feature will immediately turn off.

With this, no application will attack your movements throughout the day, but you can activate this option at any time through the same menu. If you use your GPS a lot, it is recommended that you leave it to the collector and simply uninstall the suspicious apps that appear in the strip we mentioned earlier.

Were you able to remove the attack on your location on Android?

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