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How to put the Google toolbar widget on Android

How to put the Google toolbar widget on Android

The Google search engine has become an essential tool in recent years to be the number 1 in searches by users. One of the biggest competitors today is Bing, although over time it has lost a lot of trust from its biggest rival.

Google has been adding numerous improvements in recent years, one of them is to include a search bar, suitable for any of the browsers. Google Chrome, for example, adds the Google page to start with any search, but it even gives the option to associate the Google counter.

In Android you can put the widget from the Google counter for maximum speed, all without having to crack any of the browsers installed on your device. Some mobiles have different widgets launched, including the stopwatch one, some carriers add their own widget.

With the Google counter widget there will be a quick zoom to any search that is desired at that precise moment, on the other hand it does not stop consuming RAM memory. Any mobile with reduced, medium or reincorporation scale can have this without having a consumption stop problem.

The Google counter on Android works like the one on Windows, it will show us a small cursor to be able to wake up everything you want. The widget, like others, is installed on a phone without us noticing and always in the view of those who have activated it.

Add Google Desk on Android

Want to put the Google counter on Android One of the first steps is to have the Google application installed on many devices, but even in the Play Store. Once downloaded and installed, the next steps go through the use of the widget to make it work.

Once installed on the phone, you will have to accept the widget settings, you must touch a blank space on the screen for several seconds and click on «Widgets». Once you fjord it, it will show you the google widgetsis the one you will have to use to be able to put the Google counter on Android.

Once selected, I pull the widget to the home screen. of your device, it is best to place it at the top, near the stopwatch. To apply the changes, click anywhere on the phone screen to confirm that the changes are saved.

Once you have installed the widget and started it, it is best to be able to test it, in the “Type text” space, put what you want to wake up. Another possibility is to be able to use your voice when you search little, To do this, click on the microphone or try holding the badge: “Hey Google”.

Remove the counter if you don’t like it

Another option is to remove the Google search bar on Android if finally it is not of your joy, although it is traffic to carry out fast. It’s a perfect little box to use without having to do too much and simplify the importance of checking Google.

To remove it completely, click on the widget in the search bar, hold and drag it to the trash can icon. It removes the widget, but it can be retrieved whenever you want by doing the samecreating a widget and choosing the one from Google.

Customize Google Dashboard on Android

Have the Google counter installed on Android with the widgetAnother important step is to customize it to your aesthetics, it is ideal if you want to have one different from the rest. The one that comes by default is the one that everyone uses, but you can improve some of its details after having it on the desktop.

One of the changes to the first panorama is to change the size of the counter, wanting a little more hero is a perfect configuration so that you do not have to click on small icons. The one that arrives by default is the unifiedit is best to have a specific one if you always want to find and not miss, which happens to a lot of people.

To customize the Google counter on Android Do the future:

Customize the style of the Google counter

You can also customize the Google counter on Android In several ways, one of them is to change the style, unusual that the size is a possibility. Personalization will give it a fresh touch and meteorism, it is important especially if you want your counter to be unique and above all different.

To customize the Google Dashboard on Android using the widget Hit the “Customize Widgets” option, then procrastinate a bit and take your time. On the other hand, it is not the only widget that you can edit, you have at your disposal the ones that you have in operation.

To edit the Google counter on Android, follow these steps:

Add Google Chrome display on Android

Another option to consider is to associate the Google Chrome counter on Android, for this you have to please previously downloaded the application from the Play Store. It has very little weight, it is one of the best and fastest, so it is recommended by many people as one of the popular ones, while being safe.

Once downloaded and installed, the procedure to carry out is a bit similar to what we had done so far with the Google desk on Android with the widget. To do this, the first thing is to remember that a widget is a minimized application, so it will work in a similar way to the web browser.

To associate the Google Chrome counter on Android Do the future:

Google Chrome’s search bar works the same way., type a word or URL to get much more specific information. Apart from entering text, another possibility is voice searches, it works with the basic commands of the Google Assistant once you click on the microphone.

Remove Chrome bar on Android

As with the Google counter on Android, to remove the counter from Google Chrome on Android it is as accommodating as clicking on it. For this to work, the good thing is to send it to the trash, directly to the trash icon and it will take a little less than a second to do it.

Google Chrome has many additional features, so if you have the option to install one or the other, choose the one from the popular web browser. Google Chrome has grown in recent times by associating many additional options, including security compared to its competition.

By deleting the widget you can create it again if you want it again on your phone, it does not consume much memory and it is agile when using the application. Widgets are similar to floating windowsbut launching a miniature application with all its advantages.