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How to remove the “Snapchat update messages” notification

How to remove the “Snapchat update messages” notification

Tired of always seeing the same Snapchat notification saying dust off messages? It is not necessary to delete the application, because disabling that notification on android is simpler than it seems.

How to remove Snapchat “catch-up messages” notification?

Before following all the steps that we will show you in the tutorial, which will allow you to remove this notification from Snapchat, it is essential that you have the latest interpretation of the application installed on your mobile.

If you don’t know if you have it up to date, don’t worry, here’s how to manually dust apps on Android.

Once you have downloaded the latest interpretation of this social network, you must complete the following tutorial so that snapchat message update notification no longer appear:

Why does the Snapchat “update messages” notification appear on my mobile?

If you think you are the only one to whom this Snapchat notification appears on mobile, you are very wrong, because is present on all android phones where the app is installed.

As with nearly 98% of Android apps, Snapchat is still “working” in the background. What does this mean? What the social network is still working even though it has been closed.

Then, the “Updating messages” notification appears when one of the people we follow uploads a “Torcer” to their account. The good thing is that disabling this notification will not create any problemas Snapchat will continue to function normally.

Of course, in case the notification continues to be displayed in the notification panel of your mobile (after completing the tutorial), you can disable snapchat silent running, What? Disable background data consumption.