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How to selectively mute user audio on Periscope

How to selectively mute user audio on Periscope

Periscope for iOS just accepted an update that allows you to mute users. For those of you who just heard Periscope musing, here’s Twitter’s take on Meerkat; a live streaming service that allows you to broadcast your feed to your Twitter followers. Periscope follows the same principle and, since it was developed by Twitter, it used the platform to benefit its user base. If you signed up for Periscope, you automatically followed the same people you followed on Twitter. Where it makes sense to allow users to do this, it’s only in this new update that a mute feature was added so you don’t get notifications from uninteresting Periscope broadcasters. Here’s how to mute a payee’s audio on Periscope.

Anconada Periscope and tap on the People tab (the last one on the bottom right) and at the top of the People screen tap on your profile button. On the profile screen, touch the Subscribers button and, in the list of subscribers, touch the one you want to deactivate.

You will see a polymer for each subscriber you can victimize and a Mute button next to the “Follow” button which, when pressed, will disable all alerts for that recipient’s broadcasts.

It makes sense to have this feature because even though the app and service are a few months old, only a few big names regularly stream shows there. The Verge and Mashable are the most notable and regular stations, but aside from that, most of the crowd has only done a few shows. The mute feature has not been implemented for the Android app yet.

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