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How to send Direct on Instagram

How to send Direct on Instagram

If you’re not sure how to Direct on Instagram, or perhaps want to explore what additional functionality the social network’s email platform offers, this article is all you need. Many users are not sure how to musing with their followers through Instagram and end up losing a lot of interaction and even business because of it.

On top of teaching you how to chat with your contacts, we’ll show you some things you can do right from the app. And if you want some additional tips for your Instagram conversations, check out our full Instagram Direct pilot.

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Direct pass through the app

First, look for the Direct icon inside the Instagram app. Open it and then select your time trend sagacity by clicking on the house icon, as shown in the square at the bottom of the image below. Then tap the Direct icon, pointed by the red arrow.

You can also direct on Instagram from the profile of a certain person you are following. To do this, go to the profile of the intern in question and then click on Messageas indicated in the image below.

This procedure will automatically open a chat window with the person!

Choose contacts and create groups

Now that you’re in the Instagram window, let’s explore some of the basic options on offer. The first is that the social network itself offers a list of contacts so you can start a call. These appear below the trend He suggested.

On top of that, it is also possible to create groups of contacts. To do this, follow the steps below.

Step 1: In the Direct Contacts directory, click the plus symbol + pointed by arrow.

Step 2: In the new window, check the contacts you want to include in the collection. After tagging them, simply write a message or send a photo directly for the collection to be created. All participants will be able to access it and chat or share files.

The largest number of participants in an Instagram Direct collection is up to 32 people. Groups are a great way to take Direct on Instagram.

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chat features

Let’s explore the different interaction options offered by the platform. Look at the image below and follow the numbering and function of each of them.

1.Gifs: The GIF option allows you to inquire and send animated images to your contacts or groups. Just tap the icon and search for a secret word to start a search for GIFs available in Direct. Above, you can touch the gem Fortuitous to render any GIF with the chosen secret word.

2. Belongings: The second icon and icon number 6 open the camera of your smartphone. The difference is that opening it through this gem enables the horizontal menu of filters and stickers, as shown in the image.

3. Images: The third gem opens the living room of your smartphone, so you can send ready-to-use images to your contacts. You can decide more than one image to upload simultaneously, just tap on each photo you want to share and a number will appear on top.

4. I like: This gem exists specifically for you to send a heart to the contact. Use it as a quick reply when you want to show that you liked a message or content received in one of your Direct conversations or groups.

5. Warn: Instagram allows voice and video calls through Direct. Tapping the camera icon will automatically launch a call, including video.

6. Photo: The camera icon automatically enables and opens your smartphone’s camera, but without going directly to the belongings panel, like icon number 2.

Interaction Options

From an image taken at that moment, it is possible to penetrate to different interaction options. See below how simple it is and the options available.

Step 1: When taking a new photo, before sending the message, touch the label icon as shown in the image below.

Here you can also nominate how long you want the image or video to stay in the chat. At the bottom, select between unique sagacity, allow repetition or follow in chat.

Step 2: Here, various interaction options are available to users. You can tag your location in posts, mention users, share with others even outside of the conversation. On top of using hashtags, creating polls with yes and no options, asking questions and much more.

We’ve covered all of these in detail in our full Instagram Direct pilot!

Why use Instagram Direct?

Of course, we know that various platforms offer mail applications, such as Facebook itself with Messenger, or WhatsApp. But the fact is, especially for business Instagram accounts, retaining how to Direct on Instagram and interact with your audience is very important.

That’s because conversations in Direct can start directly from your own posts and Stories. So don’t waste time and understand the metrics available on the social network so you can track your growth.

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