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How to send/receive money with UPI without internet in India


How to send/receive money with UPI without internet in India

Released in 2016, USSD 2.0 was offered as a convenient way for multifunction phone users to transfer monises in India without an internet connection. Fast forward to 2021, the service now has more than 80 partner banks, 13 languages ​​and four telecom operators (Airtel, BSNL, MTNL, Vodafone Idea) in its assets. So if you ever want to transfer monises and you don’t have a stable internet connection, you can use this nifty alternative. We will teach you how to use *99# service to issue and collect monises using UPI without internet connection in India.

Transfer monises with UPI without Internet (2021)

The code for NPCI’s USSD-based mobile banking service is *99#. To get started, open the dialer on your phone, enter this code and press the summon caller, and wait for the series of services to appear. the the total amount you can issue per UPI transaction is priced at Rs. 5,000. Charges for the USSD service may vary depending on the network camera, but TRAI has set a higher price of Rs. 0.50 per transaction. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at this Internet free UPI money transfer service.

Inventory of options available in the service * 99 #

Banks, telecom operators and supported languages

Inventory of associated telecommunications operators (October 2021)

These are the four carriers that support *99# service at the moment. As you can see, Reliance Jio is a momentous omission and the service will not work if you subscribe to Jio, at least for now.

Partner Bank Inventory (Oct 2021)

You can test if your bank supports NPCI *99# service from below series. Please note that this series is updated from October 2021. It is possible that new banks will join the service in the future, so be sure to check the official list if you read this several months later.

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Supported Language Inventory (Oct 2021)

You can use the UPI * 99 # USSD money transfer service in the following languages:

Send monises with UPI without internet

1. Dial *99# and type ‘1’ to get the option to send monises to other people. You can issue monises by entering mobile phone number, UPI ID, choosing registered payee or account number with IFSC code. Type the number corresponding to the method you want to use and press the “Direct” caller. For example, I will choose “3” for the UPI ID here.

2. Enter the recipient’s UPI ID and press “Direct”. On the next screen, add the amount you wish to transfer to your account using UPI. Here I entered Re. 1 for demonstration.

3. Add a comment if you prefer or type “1” to ignore it. When the next popup appears, enter your UPI PIN code to start the transaction.

4. You will now see a confirmation pop-up indicating that you have successfully transferred the monises to the recipient, all without getting anywhere near the Internet. Yes, it is so viable.

Request monises using UPI without internet

In addition to the ability to issue monises through UPI without an Internet connection, you can also use the *99# USSD service to request monises from others.Is that how it works:

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one. Choose ‘Request monises’ by entering ‘2’ in the *99# pop-up window and enter the cell phone number or UPI ID of the person you want to request monises from on the next screen.

2. Enter the amount you wish to request and optionally add a comment if you prefer.

3. You will then see a screen asking you to confirm the quota request. Direct ‘1’ to confirm. You will then see a message indicating that you have successfully started the monastery application.

Check bank account balance using USSD

Another convenient option of the *99# service is the ability to test your account balance. After dialing *99#, send “3” in the main context menu and you will see the balance the bank account linked to your phone number. Even if you’re not interested in being able to issue monises using UPI, the ability to prove your bank account balance without an active Internet connection is a nice addition to the USSD service.

Manage your profile

In the “My Profile” section, you’ll see a plethora of options, and we’ve listed them all below:

Choose the number corresponding to the options listed above to govern your profile accordingly.

Check recent transactions

Additionally you can view a number of your recent transactions using this USSD service. Send “6” from the home menu to see your recent transactions. No kidnapping, please note this only applies to UPI transactions (monises you send and receive) through the USSD service without Internet. Other UPI application transactions or different fee methods are not recorded here.

Change UPI PIN code

Finally, you can use the USSD code *99# to change your UPI PIN code without an internet connection. Text “7” from the main menu to set, reset, or change your UPI PIN code. As you can see in the image below, there are separate options to change or reset your UPI PIN code.

Do UPI transactions without internet in India

This is how you can issue and receive monises offline using UPI in India. If you prefer to use a dedicated app for all your UPI payments, be sure to browse our series of the best UPI apps in India. A likely issue you may encounter while using the service is “External Application Idle”. Try it again later “. No hijacking, testing the service after a few minutes fixed it for me. If you have any other problems with the *99# service, please let us know in the comments below. We will try to help you.