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How to share a playlist on Spotify

How to share a playlist on Spotify

Spotify is one of the most used music applications around and that is why today we have decided to dedicate a new guide to it. As the title suggests, in fact, we will shortly explain you step by step how to share a playlist on Spotify following a quick and easy procedure that we are sure will not create any problems for anyone.

Let’s see, through this very easy tutorial, how to share a playlist on Spotify.

How do you share a playlist on Spotify? Here is the whole procedure to follow

First of all it is important to create a playlist that will contain all the songs you want to share with whoever you want. Once the playlist has been created correctly, all you have to do is select it, tap on Options on the top left side and in conclusion click on the heading Make collaborative. All that remains is to send the link given by Spotify itself to your friend, the latter however, in order to access the Playlist you have created, must absolutely have a Spotify account.

The guide has already finished dear Mobileos readers. As you have seen for yourself, the process that allows you to share a playlist on Spotify is really easy and immediate. Obviously for any kind of problem or question we are here to help you. Leave a message in the comment box you find right below. Until next time. Keep following us many guides await you.