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How to share a route with multiple stops on Google Maps

How to share a route with multiple stops on Google Maps

Google Maps is an incredible advancement of GPS technology in the palm of our hand. It allows us, for example, to locate ourselves to resist where we want, locate accessible routes for users of wheeled implements and now accurately calculate multi-stop itineraries and share them with our friends.

Being able to make a calculation as complete as that of Google Maps traces the most effective route possible with up to 9 stops it’s amazing. Do you know how to share your itineraries with whoever you want? We explain it in great detail in this article.

How to share routes with several stops on an Android mobile

First of all, you need to have a multi-stop route to share. Do you know how to create them from your mobile? It’s very simple!

To add stops to a route, the first thing you need is a route.

Sharing this multi-stop itinerary with your contacts is very, very manageable.

It’s that easy! Of course, remember that so that your friends can see the route, They must have the updated Google Maps application. on their phones.

How to make Google Maps routes or itineraries with several stops on the computer

And if you want to share a multi-stop route from the Google Maps web readingwe tell you what steps you must follow:

you just have to enter “How to Resist” as if you were going to make a route with only two points, select a start point and a destination point and click “Add destination” to put one more stop.

To share your multi-stop route from your computer, open the options menu clicking on the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner and choosing “Share or insert in the atlas”.

A link will be generated with which you can send your itinerary to whoever you want. Additionally, you still have the option to share the route on your wall. Facebook or in your timeline Twitter directly with one click.

now that you know how share these handy multi-stop routes with your contacts, you have expanded a pericón of possibilities. For example, you can now create the ideal hiking trail on Google Maps and send it to your friends to go together. Why not?

And if you can’t think of planning, here are some plans to have a good time with your friends, since you can think of places to go with the help of Google Maps and its continuous improvements.