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How to share someone else’s post on Instagram

How to share someone else’s post on Instagram

Share someone else’s post on Instagram It is not as simple as it is done in other social networks. For example, on Facebook you can seamlessly share posts or retweets on Twitter. This is one of the functionalities that as an intern can fail you in this social network. When content is shared, experiences, thoughts and feelings are revealed. However, there are ways to share other people’s posts easily. This is done using third party apps or by taking other shortcuts.

Share someone else’s post or re-broadcast

The work of take a post from another intern on Instagram to share it on your account, is known as forwarding. Still like regram. This means that when you restream or reschedule, you post someone else’s content to your account. It is necessary that when you share posts from other people, you mention the account where it was originally published. You should keep this in mind as you are sharing someone else’s content.

If correctly Instagram is 100% visual, does not offer any useful that facilitates the exchange of content, although there are ways to do it. Content repositioning is a widely used form of sharing in the field of digital marketing. In this way, it is investigated that the publications that are made are shared among followers, as well as the relevant content of other users. This work is already part of digital marketing strategies.

However, this is not just a popular piece of work in digital marketing. Most users usually share posts that are engaging or interesting, and incompatible in this social network.

At the moment there is no tool that allows you to share with just one click. For this it is necessary to use alternatives to share content. The one thing you should always keep in mind is that whatever option you choose to share a post from another intern, you must mention the account from which you took it. Otherwise, you might even be violating copyrights.

Return to transmit manually

One of the existing alternatives to transmit content from another account is to do it manually. To take it to mango, follow these steps:

This is a very basic way of share another intern’s content on Instagram. However, it is used a lot when you do not want to install additional applications. As stated above, when streaming you should mention the groundbreaking author, to avoid any issues that may arise.

Return to streaming with an app

If you want share a post from another account in a much simpler way, you can use an app. One of the most popular is Repost for Instagram.

This application is characterized by:

The steps you must follow to share through this publication are:

Download Repost for Instagram for iOS

This is not a complicated process, Repost for Instagram is a quick and practical app to use. After using it for only a few days, it will start doing the whole process automatically.

Other apps to share on Instagram

you can still make a return to streaming on Instagram using other applications. In this way you avoid taking screenshots and having to crop the image later. There are numerous free apps with which you can do this. Most of these work in a similar way, so follow the steps above.

manageable post

It is another of the best applications that exist for repost on Instagram. It is a fast application to share your favorite photos and videos. It allows you to find them to share on Instagram. You can still download them with this handy.

The free interpretation contains advertising, but the fee interpretation, in addition to having no ads, can remove watermarks on Instagram reposts. Another benefit of the quota feature is that videos are more easily shared.


This is a very manageable application to use. It’s possible to do Instagram photo and video reposts, how to download images It has compatibility with different video and image formats. It still offers the advantage of no login required and removes watermarks.

Return to streaming on Instagram with iOS

The procedure for make repost on Instagram with iOS, It is almost the same as used in Android. The difference is that the application is in the Apple store.

The most used applications for iOS are:

Repost on Instagram from your computer

You can still repost from your computer, using additional tools, since Instagram doesn’t allow it directly. To be able to share other people’s posts from your computer on Instagram, you need to use an emulator. This simulates that you are working on an Android device.

To do this, you must follow these steps:

Utility of re-broadcasting on Instagram

In the case of companies, the main objective of arranging for them to share your posts, is to get publicity. For influencers it is important because it is a way to attract an old number of followers.

Improve the profitability of a business or a brand.

Companies or brands look for the accounts with the most followers and the way to be mentioned in them. This is usually done through an exchange. This can rest on broadcast innovative content or share photos on your account.

You can share content that has valence

most of Instagram users still share photos and videos. This is the best way to share information of interest with other users. Do not forget that in social networks it is necessary to praise valuable content.

Give visibility to small entrepreneurs

You can share posts from small businesses or entrepreneurs, in order to give them online visibility. This is a way advertise services, products or content which can be interesting or funny.

Benefits of going back to streaming on Instagram

Share posts from other users on your account, it can bring benefits, the most important being:

Recommendations to make a good repost

When making a repost it is important to take into account certain aspects:

Although Instagram does not have a specific option for share other people’s posts on your account, if there are alternatives to do it. You just need to install an app to share content with family and friends. You must reconsider respecting copyright and giving it the necessary credits. This will make good use of the social network.