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How to transfer apps to SD card

How to transfer apps to SD card

Over time, they have gained convenient weight due to the increase in space on mobile devices that required additional space when they ran out of storage. A plastic SD was needed at first to produce more space for Android and the installation of applications from the Play Store.

Today phones have old ROM memory, some device models already exclude the slot for this type of plastic. Despite this, the cards are used for little more than accumulating information, for example, to transfer applications to the plastic SD.

Transfer apps to Huawei SD card

The manufacturer Huawei has wanted over time to distinguish itself from the rest, all this by installing their own services and setting up their own store. The Asian firm, like the rest of the companies, allows you to transfer applications to a plastic SD in a viable and intuitive way.

To transfer applications to a Huawei SD card, it is done in the following way:

Transfer apps to Xiaomi SD card

Xiaomi like other phones Android allows apps to be transferred from internal storage to a plastic SD inserted into the device slot. As with others, this requires a process that, despite not being very tedious, changes with respect to some brands that are still recognized.

As with other smartphones, some system apps can’t be moved from internal memory to SD, so it bypasses the ones that do. Freeing up space will provide additional storageespecially by taking weight away from apps you use frequently.

In Xiaomi to transfer applications to the plastic SD, the following must be done:

If this doesn’t work for you, you have to use an external app to move from internal storage to plastic SD, one that is perfect for this is Déplacer Apps vers carte SD. The operation is feasible, choose the application that you want to happen and click on the arrow allocate to SD and soon.

Transfer Apps to Samsung SD Card

By default the applications are installed in the internal memory, the only ones that cannot be moved are those that the system has to use them internally. Many of those downloaded from the Internet can be moved to a plastic SD card. on any Samsung phone without any problem.

Each application may or may not be compatible, For this reason, it is important before doing so, to test each of them to free memory. With the transfer of different applications, all the information will be released, both the personality and the information stored at that precise moment.

To transfer apps to SD cards on Samsung devices, please do as follows:

Transfer applications to the plastic SD BQ

From having many apps installed on internal storage It causes the phone to run out of memory over time. The best thing in many cases is to happen to those who make a lot of use, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Chrome itself.

The BQ terminals still allow you to transfer the applications to the plastic SD, it is a task that is convenient and simple and is done with a few steps. The first and fundamental thing is to see which ones are taking up more spacesee if they can happen and thus avoid overloading the main ROM.

To transfer the applications to the SD card in BQ devices, it is done in the following way:

Why can’t I move apps to the plastic SD?

There are different reasons why apps cannot be moved to SD card.These largely depend on the developer or company that created the tool. If it appears grayed out, the option means that the ability to move from internal to external memory has been suppressed.

Developers have to use the ‘Android InstallLocation’ attribute, many of them do without it so that it can be installed normally on the system. The applications that arrive by default on the phone and they cannot move, they come with this attribute disabled by default.

There are applications in the Play Store that usually work perfectly when it comes to wanting to make requests quickly and above all safely. One of the best rated when it comes to moving from internal storage to SD is ApptoSD, but you can’t move the system ones as it happens from Settings.