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How to Unarchive Instagram Photos in 6 Steps (Guaranteed)

How to Unarchive Instagram Photos in 6 Steps (Guaranteed)

Although not a widely used feature, cataloging photos on Instagram is a useful feature. By allowing you to hide your post without deleting it from your profile, the archive is ideal for getting rid of a photo that may not be as pretty as you thought or in case it is a post with a certain that has become an enemy, for example. Without blocking, the archive is not permanent and if you regret over archiving a post, see below how to unarchive a photo on Instagram!

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How to unarchive photos on Instagram

1 – Broa Instagram and touch the icon with your photo to enter your profile;

two – Tap the stopwatch icon at the top center of the screen;

3 – wrench story archive and change it to Post Archives. If you’re already displaying posts, skip this step;

4 – Choose the photo or video you want to unarchive from your Instagram;

5 – Touch the icon attached to the archived post to display a menu;

6 – lean option show on profile to finish unarchive the photo on Instagram. Remember that choosing the option Erase will completely delete the post from the social network, so it will no longer be possible to recover it.

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If you still have doubts, watch this very complete video by Ana Tex where she teaches step by step how to unarchive the Instagram photo.

Did you manage to unarchive photos on Instagram?

Sometimes we end up archiving an Instagram post out of embarrassment about some aspect of the photo or even a mishap, not assimilating how to recover that photo or video. Happily, retrieving these posts is simple and quick, just by navigating through a few menus and it will bring your photo or video to your profile hub.

Were you able to unarchive photos on Instagram through the steps in this tutorial or with the video above? Comment with us and leave your question!