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How to update Google Pixel smartphone


How to update Google Pixel smartphone

One of the main selling points of a Google Pixel smartphone is the fact that it receives updates frequently and is usually the first to get the next version of Android.

It is quite simple to update to the latest security patch Unfortunately, Google has not yet found a way to perform these updates automatically, so user input is required.

There are essentially two ways to update your Google Pixel. We will go through each method, with the first being the simplest and the second much more difficult, of course. The screenshots shown in this post are from Pixel 4 XL, but they should be identical on any Pixel device.

How to update your Google Pixel via OTA (Over The Air)

This is by far the easiest way to update your Google Pixel smartphone.

First, tap on the file settings icon in the app drawer or notification area.

Now scroll down to System, then tap Advanced.

Then tap System update.

Your Pixel will now check for an update. It may not actually find one, depending on whether or not it was sent to your device. You can also tap the “Check for Updates” button in the lower right corner to double check.

And this is all. We have seen how simple it is to check for an update for your smartphone. If it finds an update, it will start downloading it in the background and notify you when it’s ready to be installed.

It is so easy to update your Google Pixel smartphone to Android 11. Of course, this works not only for the Android 11 update on your Pixel. But also for the security patches and quarterly features that Google does.