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How to Use Instagram on PC and Upload Photos – Full Guide 2021


How to Use Instagram on PC and Upload Photos – Full Guide 2021

Today we are going to talk to you about the most well-known and used photography social network of the moment as it is Instagram. this time we will see how can we use it on our personal computerwithout using the mobile.

Even if we lose the main function and the possibility of uploading photos from our computerlet’s try to show you alternative paths to make this possible and be able to fully enjoy that application on our computer.

Instagram was born with the purpose of uploading photos by users and sharing unique moments, uploaded directly from each one’s smartphone. Due to this, its web expansion is insufficient and there are companies and users who have requested an urgent modernization to be able to enjoy it to the same extent as other social networks such as Facebook.

Therefore, let’s see if it’s viable and the lucky experience is nice enough enough to be able to use it on our computer and enjoy Instagram on the instructor or wide screen of your PC.

How to install Instagram for PC?

The application as such cannot be installed on our personal computer, but we can enjoy it through the web browser we use. We just have to write the Instagram address in the navigation bar and access our account.

To do this, as we see in the image, we can do it directly by linking our Facebook account, and granting the necessary permissions and those it deems appropriate, or properly you can log in simply by entering your email account and password.

If you don’t have an account, you can create one in a few quick and easy steps, through which you will be prompted with the information you need to enter.

To access your account, you only have to complete the section in which the email, phone number or lucky name and passwordYou must put the one you have free and click on “Login”.

Once inside and logged in, remember that it remains open, even if you close the browser. So, remember to log out if someone else uses your computer or just happens to be known. You can do it by clicking on the doll icon that is in the upper left, there you will access your lucky one, and on the gear icon you can close the session.

Automatically, and once logged in, you will access the latest posts of the users you follow. In the upper right part you will have three icons to interact with:

In the center we have the search branch to be able to find out from specific lucky accounts to photos of a specific theme. And if we click on the icon or on the word Instagram, the posts will appear in a straight format, in which we can only “Like”, add a comment or share it on other social networks.

The problem arises when we want to upload a photo from the computer, since we will not see any option suitable for it. Then again, don’t look for the IGTV branch that sits at the top of the Instagram home screen, with an orange TV-shaped icon, because it’s even been removed from the smartphone app.

How to upload photos to Instagram from your computer?

To do this, we are going to explain clearly and concisely the steps to follow depending on the browser you use regularly.

Upload photos to Instagram from Chrome

If our default browser is Google Chrome, the steps to follow are the following:

Obviously we must have our session open with our lucky and Instagram profile.

We have to do click with the right branch of our mouse anywhere on the page AND select “Inspect factor” or press the F12 key on our keyboard.

Then the developer console will open at the bottom of the screen, at this point we have to look for a mobile icon (it’s at the beginning of the monotonous counter that will appear below the web) and click on it.

with this energy the appearance of the web will change and go to a mobile type instinct, in which a horizontal menu will be displayed and there we have to prefer the mobile mannequin that we want. This is indifferent, search for the one that gives you the best result when viewing the screen and your Instagram.

Once done, you should be able to see the Instagram menu bar, as if you were using your smartphone.

We only have click on the central branch with the plus sign and then select the photo you want to upload to Instagram so that they give us all the “likes” or “likes” possible. Once done, you can put the caption, title and advertise the image.

If you want to edit it you will have to do it before uploading it, using third-party programs available on the Internet.

Upload photos to Instagram from your PC using Firefox

In the case of using Firefox as the default browser, the steps to follow are:

Upload images to Instagram from Mac

In the event that you use Safari as a browser, the process changes a bit compared to the previous ones, without hijacking it is easy enough to accept at the end.

Other options available on Instagram from your computer

In social networks and on Instagram we can also follow the users we like, celebrities, friends or family, but there are always times when we decide to stop following someone, either because the subject of their photos already interests us or simply because we don’t. how your work.

So we can unfollow (unfollow an account) from PC, This is much lighter and faster than doing it from your smartphone or mobile.

All you have to do is go to your profile, where you can see your followers and the profiles of those you follow.

You just have to go to “Following” and a window will appear with the accounts and users of those you follow, with a branch to the right of their photos with the word “Following”. If you click on it, you will stop following that lucky and smart guy.

The zarco “Follow” branch will now appear in case you want to retrieve it in the future and follow it again, as shown in the photo.

Other suitable option we have is to be able to modify the profile information At any time, add a website or change the profile we show on Instagram. This is little that is also possible from the computer interpretation of the social network.

You just have to enter the profile in the account and click on the edit profile branch, where it will then be possible to modify the information that we consider necessary to change. When the changes have been made, simply hit the “Dispatch” branch.

Delete Instagram account

One of the most characteristic and hidden options of Instagram is to delete your account, in fact, you will not find that option in the smartphone application, you can only do it from your computer.

In the Profile > Edit Profile section you can find the option to temporarily deactivate your account in the bottom right, in case you ever want to turn it back on without losing photos or stories.

But if you want to delete the account you must give in to this link: www.instagram.com/accounts/remove/request/permanent/

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How to delete or close your Instagram account

Where you will be asked to enter a reason why you are deleting the account in question. Once you’ve selected this reason, simply click the delete account branch at the bottom of that page. This means that the account ceases to exist and all its content is lost.

If you press that branch all your photos, comments, likes, friends and all your data they will be permanently deleted and you will no longer be able to recover them.

On the other hand, Instagram warns that if in the future you want to create another account you will not be able to use the same lucky name of the deleted account, this is done for security, so that no one can make it happen for you and pretend to be the one who had it. deleted an account.