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How to use the Instagram restriction and what it is for


How to use the Instagram restriction and what it is for

Recently, Instagram has made even more efforts to help users who end up having problems with people on the social network. Now, in addition to bypassing and muting true, you can use Instagram’s restriction option. As the name makes clear, it serves to put certain restrictions on what some users can do on their profile.

If you’re curious to learn more about Instagram restrictions and how to use them, just check out our tips. You can find them in detail in the tutorial below!

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What is Instagram restriction mode?

As we mentioned, the Instagram restriction option serves to put limits on how other users interact with you on the social network. This is a great alternative to not having to bypass a certain, but even having to hold onto a certain successor on your profile.

Unlike siege, restriction mode does not make you and the other successor unfollow or prevent you from viewing each other’s profiles. In this case, the restrained person will not even know that he has performed this excitement, since he will be able to do everything normally while you alone will not bother him anymore.

Lest you wonder, here is a list of what a restricted successor can and cannot do.

Basically, it’s a way to avoid awkwardness with people who tend to leave nasty comments or send unsolicited messages. You can even combine this with the option to “mute” the person’s Instagram profile from seeing new stories and photos in your feed.

But if you’re curious about how to use this new utility, just follow our tips below.

How to use Instagram restriction

Considering that this feature is so new, it’s understandable that it’s not fixed for everyone yet. Other than that, it’s still being tested, so its spread is even more sedate.

In this case, Android users in particular may well have a hard time finding this option on their Instagram for some time, sadly.

Still, we suggest you update your app and make sure that the Instagram restriction option doesn’t appear there. iOS users will already have a little better luck, since the parts are more evenly distributed there.

Anyway, to use the new feature, open Instagram and find out the profile of the person you want to restrict. Then click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen. As we mark in the image below:

This will bring up a small menu, which usually allows you to bypass, mute, or even report the account in question. The new restriction option should be there, so click on it.

Instagram itself will display a small text talking about what the restriction option does on this person’s account. It is a breviary similar to the one we informed you about previously. Simply click “Restrict Account” (or “Restrict Account”) to continue.

Acceptably, now go back to your frequent use of Instagram and this person will not annoy you so easily. At least not in a way that you can understand without having to find new comments, likes or messages.

Of course, you can reverse this boldness at any time. In stock, there are two easy ways to do this. You can just go back to the person’s profile, click on the three dots and detach the stem to remove the restriction, for example.

Another method is to go to your own profile settings, separate the privacy option and click on “restricted accounts”.

There, you’ll have a payroll of all the people you’ve restricted, and you can undo that hype with a single stalk. All very simple for you to do what makes you feel more comfortable and when you want.

As we mentioned before, the person will never know that they have been restricted, which can leave you even more empty to take that audacity. And remember that the new feature is still being tested and may be improved until it is officially rolled out to everyone.

Did you manage to use the Instagram restriction?

Could you use our tips to learn more and use the Instagram restriction option? Do not forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the tutorial or if you have any questions.