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How to use the new Google Podcasts app

How to use the new Google Podcasts app

Is this the division of the podcast invasion? I started to think that and started to fall in love with her. As an Android legatee, I acknowledge and admit that Apple has long held the pre-eminence in this category. Google has tried unsuccessfully to create a standalone podcast app that could rival iOS. It almost seemed like they had given up. Now they have started Google Podcasts with the hope of returning to contention.

In its early days, there was a lot missing from this app, and it probably won’t attract loyal third-party app users to Google Side. But, if you’re interested in trying it on for size, here are some tips on how to wear it.

To start

First, download the app from the Play Store. You also need the freshest interpretation of Google and Google Assistant to make it all work together.

When you fjord Google Podcast, you will notice that it looks minimalistic. There is no more missing from the screen than what is needed to run the software.

After the first use, you will see a section titled “For you”. There are three tabs in this section: a directory of new podcast episodes you’ve already subscribed to, episodes you’re listening to but haven’t completed yet, and your downloads.

After the “For You” section, scroll down to see a directory of recommendations based on the best regular and most popular podcasts.

Finally, the application offers podcasts in categories such as comedy, news and politics, society and civilization, religion and immaterial, arts and sports.

Playing a podcast

When you click on a podcast, you can scroll through the episodes and see a recommendation for another similar podcast you might want to watch.

To play an episode, click the circled arrow next to the episode title.

When you play a podcast, it appears at the bottom of the screen and you can collapse it to occupy only a small amount of space. From this panel, you can stop, pause, rewind, fast-forward, or change the playback speed. Google Podcasts offers sixteen different speeds from 0.5x to 2x to listen to your episodes.

You can control playback with the voice commands “stop”, “pause” and “resume”. When you’re diligent about resuming, be sure to ensure “Ok Google, keep listening to Things You Should Take In.” This ensures that you’ll get the correct result.

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Search for a podcast and the app will display two podcasts with a directory of recent episodes for you to browse.

There is also a pull and drop directory of other potential matches. If you’ve searched for a specific person or congregation and haven’t spent the results you want, you can click “Manage the Web” and locate the podcast there. You also have the option to amplify this podcast to the app.

go back to your show

If you have programs that you access regularly, Attach to Home Screen creates an icon on your Home screen for that software. To go directly to the podcast, just tap the icon. Find this option in the menu options at the top right of the software page.

Google Podcasts integrates with the Google Assistant and any other Google-powered device. This connection allows you to stop listening to the podcast on one device and pick up where you left off on another device.

The present versus the future

This Google technology seems to be in its infancy. Without sequestration, we can assume that it will not stay there for long. Disadvantages of the present application include the inability to catalog episodes or series, and it cannot create playlists. For some reason, podcasts don’t support streaming yet. Then again, there are plenty of other bells and whistles that other casting apps have that podcast fans would miss out on.

In the future, Google will integrate more of its synthetic intelligence capabilities into the Podcasts app. Synthetic intelligence technology will allow the application to display closed captions and transcribe them in current time in the language of your choice. These features will open up podcasting to the hearing impaired and allow us to listen to shows from around the world.

When you first open the app, the suggestions are initially extremely generic, recommending already popular podcasts. As you use it, Google promises that the recommendations will become more and more specific to your preferences and tastes. And as users around the world start using it and narrow down their options, this data will help everyone. Apple’s podcast app generally promotes the most popular podcasts. Google plans to use its app to allow everyone, including the little one, to a successful podcast.

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