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How to use your mobile as a Nintendo Switch controller

How to use your mobile as a Nintendo Switch controller

Nintendo Switch has been with all of us for almost three years with great success in those customers who chose to buy a console that innovated again against its competition. Since then there are many titles available on the market for the platform and still multiple accessories.

Given the advances in technology, phones have many more functions on top of the basic ones such as shouting or directing messages, especially within Google Play. One of them and that has not gone unnoticed by many is JoyCon Droid, a smartphone app that turns it into a controller for the Switch console.

JoyCon Droid: Alpha reading, but simple

JoyCon Droid is not 100% stable when in Alpha readingEven so, the developer has managed to make it work on the platform, but it does not work properly on all smartphones. Correctly simulates the pad and the positive thing is to be able to use it in just a few minutes on Nintendo Switch.

It is a good option if you want to have a second controller for the Nintendo console, it can be used with the different one through Bluetooth connection. Simulates the left or right JoyCon, but goes furtherYou can still nominate the Pro controller to tinker with platform titles, Mario Kart and many other video games.

The option to nominate one of the three is to assign it at the beginning, the best thing is to be able to use another whenever you want in the options. The JoyCon are a fundamental piece of information when it comes to playing since they are very precise and sensitive when pressing one of the boys in fact.

It can be a good second command

You can get a good grade as a second regulator, never as one first, especially since it has a bit of a way to go to be the two physical JoyCons, but it’s consummate for fiddling around in multiplayer games. It pairs quickly via Bluetooth and is fully configurable.

The boys settings will be adjusted in the options, the boys are identical as it has been traced back to the Pro Controller physique if you choose it or the JoyCon. There is the option to remove the ads to have it completely and without advertisements that eventually bother us, the cost is 5.99 euros for the complete reading and the different updates of the application will be received.

How to configure your mobile in a remote control for Switch

Pair the Nintendo Switch controller with an Android device It’s simple, for this we have to activate the Bluetooth option and search for it, all with the remote control on. When it comes to doing it the other way around, it’s similarly convenient, you’ll need to use Bluetooth and sync the app with your console.

JoyCon Droid is a simulator of a physical controllerTo do this, it is necessary to use the terminal screen to move the character and the other guys will be used to do something, be it passing, jumping or others that each video game created by the developer has.

Once you install JoyCon Droid, the process to turn your phone into a remote It is as follows:

Configure the boys of your mobile and the Switch

JoyCon Droid will emulate all the default guys for each of the games, you will still be able to change the guys if you want in the options. You can map the boy with “planeisphere boy”, among other options you can customize the interface, use the NFC to perceive Amiibos, activate the control by the accelerometer and other things.

Once you enter Map Buttons you have the different options to change some of its configurations, for this the first thing is to try without changing the minimum to see how it looks. Analog and digital crossheads work convenient good at the time of moving the person of any title.

Requirements to use the mobile as a regulator

One of the requirements that JoyCon Droid asks for is Android 9 Pie From now on, it still works on versions like Android 10 and the 11th released recently. Otherwise it is compatible with many devices, but not all, for this it will depend on whether it is fixed in the Play Store as an active device for your phone.