We have learned that three new devices of HTC were officially launched in India: we are talking about devices presented a little while ago by the Taiwanese house, or theHTC One M8 Eye, Desire Eye and RE camera; let’s see the prices and technical characteristics summarized in very small lines.

After the presentations which took place just under a month, the official launch of two HTC devices arrives: the HTC One M8 Eye and Desire Eye but also that of the RE Camera; here is a summary of their technical characteristics:

  • ONE M8 Eye. This device is nothing more than a reinterpretation of the M8 and therefore has the same technical characteristics but with a double 13MP front and rear camera – to take breathtaking selfies so to speak.
  • Desire Eye. This device is always very similar to those mentioned above since it is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor assisted by a 2 GB RAM memory; it is also equipped with the best antennas for connectivity (LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi etc.) as well as having first class speakers, the BoomSound.
  • RE Camera. It is nothing more than a camera equipped with a 16 MP sensor with the ability to go free diving.

What are the sales prices? First of all, the Desire Eye is sold in India at 38.990 Rupees which converted to our coinage are about 600 €; the RE Camera is offered at a price of 9.990 Rupees which is about 120 €. Instead the One M8 Eye is limited to the Indian and Chinese market, so we will hardly see it on our shelves.

Of course, updates of various kinds will follow to understand the potential of these three devices (hopefully all three).



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