HTC has opened a program that will allow owners of its smartphones to test beta software updates in advance, called HTC Preview; then to test in advance what are the new features brought by the Taiwanese house.

First of all we need to understand which users will be able to enter this community of beta testers, according to HTC the only users who can access it are those who belong to HTC elevated (a community of users who have exclusive privileges, a bit as seen in Samsung Exclusive). Instead, there is no news or confirmation if this service will be extended to other users.

In conclusion, we are waiting for updates related to this new idea of ​​HTC. Here are some notes taken from the FAQ that we invite you to visit directly with the source link at the bottom of the page.

Q. What do I need to do after completing the registration?

A. At this time, just sit back and relax. As soon as we are able to match you to an upcoming user trial, we will reach out to you directly. Q. Will I need to sign an NDA? A. If you are invited to participate in a user trial, you will be required to sign an NDA before starting. Q. I have a friend / relative / co-worker who would be great for this program. Can I ask them to register?

A. At this time, we are only making this registration open to select groups, one which is Elevate US users. Please do not share the details of this program with anyone else at this time. When the program launches publicly in the future, you’ll be more than welcome to invite them.



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