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iCrossCloud: definitive file manager for Cloud services

iCrossCloud: definitive file manager for Cloud services

Today we show you the review of iCrossCloud, a file manager that allows you to access and browse the contents of various Cloud Storage services.


Download – € 3.99

Cloud storage has acquired over time a meaning and increasing importance, with the various services that over the years have multiplied in number and have also increased their quality level. With fewer and fewer people using physical pen drives, cloud storage services are therefore increasingly used and often and willingly each of us has to deal with the use of multiple cloud storage accounts with the desire to be able to manage them and have free access to it from a single device and in an absolutely simple and straightforward way.

Fortunately, the Italian development studio iStArtApp has created a splendid application capable of doing all this, the ultimate file manager for cloud services: iCrossCloud.

iCrossCloud therefore as mentioned is a powerful file manager that will give you the ability to browse your different Cloud Storage accounts directly from your iOS device.

The app, therefore compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, will allow, through a very simple authentication process to the various cloud accounts, to share and transfer files stored on the cloud to and from iOS devices, Macs, PCs and smartphones in general. . Through a tabbed interface, where each tab represents a cloud service set by the user, it will therefore be possible to browse your files, save them on the device, put them in your favorites so as not to have to re-download them a second time, exchange them and move them between the various accounts. and of course view them for quick and easy reference. Obviously, in order to facilitate the use of the app and to make it as convenient as possible, the login to the various services will be carried out only once without therefore having to enter your access credentials each time.

The services that are supported at the moment, but more will be added in the future, are:

– iCloud

– DropBox

– Box

– Google Drive

– OneDrive

As mentioned, iCrossCloud allows you to view the content of individual files directly on your device, supporting practically any type of format:

■ Text (.doc, .docx, .rtf, and more)
■ PDF (.pdf)
■ Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
■ Powerpoint (.ppt)
■ Keynote (.key)
■ Numbers (.numbers)
■ Pages (.pages)
■ Major image formats (.png, .jpg, and more)
■ Main audio formats (.mp3, .wav, .aif, and more)
■ Main video formats (.mov, .m4v, and more)

However, the advantages offered by iCrossCloud do not end there. The app is in fact also able to compress files, decompress them and then insert them as attachments to emails, a function that we particularly appreciated since the Mail app on iOS by default does not allow you to insert files that are not images or videos.

It should not be overlooked that the general functioning of iCrossCloud is absolutely linear, simple, fluid and we have not found any bugs or slowdowns whatsoever and this, together with the intrinsic qualities of the app that we have just told you, make this program developed by iStartApp a must. have that can be yours for just € 3.99.


Download – € 3.99