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  5. If you update to MIUI 12 your Xiaomi mobile could lose functions

If you update to MIUI 12 your Xiaomi mobile could lose functions

If you update to MIUI 12 your Xiaomi mobile could lose functions

Do you have a Xiaomi mobile compatible with MIUI 12? Have you updated and do not understand the movement of Xiaomi? Rumors about MIUI 12 and the loss of functions of some models Xiaomi they begin to confirm little by little. The Xiaomiui account has revealed on social networks several cases in which some Xiaomi phones are not receiving all MIUI 12 changes and they are even losing certain functions. If you have a Xiaomi mobile from a while ago, this can also affect you.

Xiaomi is trying to ease the performance burden with MIUI 12

It cannot be proposed that Xiaomi has done things proportionately with MIUI 12. There are dozens of problems of various models with this update. Now it seems that the company has tried to solve some with a somewhat drastic method: remove anything that could cause problems.

Xiaomi is doing that certain Xiaomi phones with MIUI 12 Do not get the changes or lose certain functions compared to other models. These devices are models with a time in the market and a performance that, little by little, is weighed down by updates. models like the Redmi Note 8 or Redmi 9T they are being affected.

In these models, deficiencies such as the new control center, animations or functions that are not available are being reported. The reason is clear: Xiaomi is trying to shrink the performance load removing things that are not essential for users.

In this way Xiaomi can do MIUI 12 is better on phones that already have time and that its performance is not the most adequate to have the same interpretation as other more current devices.

This means that if you have a old xiaomi mobile and you have upgraded to MIUI 12 You may receive a slightly different interface than other more current Xiaomi devices. Don’t worry, it seems that most of the deficiencies are in the animations and visual rudiments and not so much in the functions.