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Images from the new Xbox Store appear on the Internet

Images from the new Xbox Store appear on the Internet

THE Microsoft has been working to update all its visual language of its projects. O Fluent Design is the company’s quest for a minimalist, more fluid interface. The novelty is already in applications like Photos, O OneDrive and the package office.

O Windows Central, site specialized in covering the universe of Microsoft, presented something, which would be the official store of the Xbox Series X, and which would also be used in the Xbox one, here called “Mercury”. The image, published in the Twitter from WinCommunity, shows that, if the images are real, the trend of unification with the OS of the Microsoft continue, with the store similar to the company’s current projects.

The new app took a lot of references from the launcher of the Xbox on PC, the new store would have more animations and many other functions, within this look. Since it is possible to view trailers, screenshots, add games to the favorites list and many other things in a completely uncomplicated and accurate way. And who knows, we might have the option to play the game demo without any downloads. See the video:

And also see some images, of what would be the new Xbox store:

The information raised by Windows Central is that the new look is implemented in all current consoles of the company, such as the Xbox one it’s the Series X. And it would also reach the apps of Xbox for Android and iOS, like the Game Pass Beta. And that would also be part of the coming xCloud, the company’s cloud gaming service.

Still, even with the raised images, everything must be seen as a rumor, since the Microsoft has not officially commented on this situation. But in the meantime, the Xbox Series X continues on its journey towards launch, with games presented, and the promise that it will arrive at the end of this year.

Via (Windows Central)