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In Insomniac they are “flattered” with the support of Marvel’s Spider-Man

In Insomniac they are “flattered” with the support of Marvel’s Spider-Man

Few days left until Insomniac Games throw us your networks and publish one of your most important projects in recent times: Marvel’s Spider-Mana title that has raised great expectations.

Your Community Manager James Stevenson spoke to Stuff about the game’s release, the outpouring of support it’s getting from the community, and what it means to them to take on an IP as important as Spider-Man’s.

Spider-Man: With great power comes great responsibility

After very positive reviews during the last E3 fair, Marvel’s Spider-Man will also be present at gamescom in Cologne (Germany) where attendees will be able to try the long-awaited PS4 exclusive.

This is how Stevenson spoke about the dimension of the title and what it means for the study:

I don’t even know how to measure it, this is the biggest thing we’ve ever worked on, it might be the biggest game Insomniac worked on, so it’s kind of hard to focus. It looks gigantic.

Stevenson also revealed that Sony itself went to see them offering to work on any character in the Marvel universe and that for them that was something exciting:

Sony said ‘Hi, are you interested in working with Marvel?’ and we said ‘Of course, but what character do you want us to do?’ And they said, ‘Oh no, they want you to choose. They can choose which one they want.’ It was like ‘Oh wow. So hey, okay, that’s an overwhelming decision.’

The community manager also spoke about the great support at promotion campaign level by Sony – a good example is the decoration of the Manhattan subway – and of course that of the gaming community after verifying that the amount of reservations of the title is being very high:

It’s flattering to see that people have put their money and trust in us already.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will hit stores next September 7th exclusively for PlayStation 4 and with improvements on PS4 Pro. You can read our latest impressions after testing it in depth here.


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