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In the new ‘Adventures with Luigi’ starter set, Luigi meets his brother in the LEGO Super Mario universe


In the new ‘Adventures with Luigi’ starter set, Luigi meets his brother in the LEGO Super Mario universe

Today, the LEGO Group announced that fan favorite Luigi will join the LEGO Super Mario universe with the unveiling of the new LEGO Super Mario ‘Adventures with Luigi’ starter set. With this new product, kids can play together with green-clad LEGO Luigi for new exciting brick-built adventures. The highly anticipated and interactive LEGO Luigi figure is the latest addition to the LEGO Super Mario product line – the result of a unique partnership with Nintendo that introduced a whole new way of playing with LEGO bricks. Although based on a traditional LEGO brick product, the LEGO Super Mario play experience is unique in that children can playfully build Super Mario tracks and bring their LEGO Mario and LEGO Luigi figures to life in fun, interactive ways. Available to pre-order from today, the new starter set expands the fun and interactive LEGO Super Mario universe and introduces kids to Luigi – Mario’s brother and partner in many adventures. LEGO Luigi is characterized by his recognizable and charming personality, and his unique voice. He is one LEGO stud taller than LEGO Mario, in keeping with Luigi’s iconic look and character. Similar to the ‘Adventures with Mario’ starter set, this new set is an additional gateway to the world of LEGO Super Mario, and is fully compatible with the Mario starter set, all expansion sets, Character Packs and Power-up Packs. Both starter sets offer fans countless ways to create, expand, rebuild, and customize their own action-packed challenges. All this in a highly interactive game experience with LEGO Mario or LEGO Luigi. LEGO Luigi features the same technology as its brother, and comes with a color sensor, an LCD screen to display different movement responses, and a speaker that plays iconic sounds and music from the Super Mario video game series.

With LEGO Luigi, children from 6 years old can take their game to the next level through the new expansions to the LEGO Super Mario experience. As you move LEGO Luigi from the Start Tube to the Goal Post, in the interactive play experience players can earn digital coins by helping LEGO Luigi complete the spinning seesaw challenge, teaming up with the new Pink Yoshi, and by using Boom Boom and defeat Bone Goomba. The 71387 ‘Adventures with Luigi’ starter set contains brown colored bricks that symbolize the environment of the Tower and bring a new sound to LEGO Luigi, and ‘?’ stone designed for exciting extra points. The LEGO Super Mario product line provides a unique play experience where players receive instant feedback to build and play in creative ways. This news was also shared in a video posted earlier today by the LEGO Group and Nintendo.

“We are thrilled to introduce Mario’s twin brother Luigi to the LEGO Super Mario family with the new ‘LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Luigi’ starter set,” said Takashi Tezuka, Executive Officer and Game Producer of Nintendo Co., Ltd. “Welcome him as a companion on your adventures in the world of LEGO Super Mario. The expansion of Luigi and Mario together provides new types of gameplay. I look forward to seeing what exciting journeys kids will take with these two characters.”

“Playing with LEGO allows children to let their imaginations run wild. So we’re really excited to have Luigi join us so kids can create even more LEGO Super Mario adventures,” said Julia Goldin, Chief Product & Marketing Officer of the LEGO Group. “Everyone loves Luigi! With his unique personality, green cap and signature mustache, he is highly regarded by fans around the world. We are thrilled to welcome him to this interactive playset that will truly change the way people experience Super Mario and LEGO play.”

The 280-piece ‘Adventures with Luigi’ starter set can be built, rebuilt and combined in many fun ways with all other LEGO Super Mario sets to create new LEGO Super Mario worlds and enjoy them endlessly. The free LEGO Super Mario app, developed by the LEGO Group, is compatible with all LEGO Super Mario products and keeps scores to encourage building over and over again. The app provides building instructions, creative tips and a safe platform for children to exchange ideas and thus further enhance the physical and creative play experience.

The LEGO Super Mario ‘Adventures with Luigi’ starter set is available to pre-order starting today at lego.com/preorder-luigi and from select retailers. From August 1, 2021, it will be on sale worldwide at lego.com/supermario and other retailers. The suggested retail price for the ‘Adventures with Luigi starter set’ is 59.99 euros

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