Fortify the city walls and order extra patrols on the ramparts as InnoGames is releasing more details today about the various buildings of the online strategy game Tribal Wars 2. Having a massive army is one thing, but to be successful you may develop your Don’t underestimate the city. The more influence players gain, the more cities they take under their control, each with as many as 16 different types of buildings to manage. Be sure to check out the new video that explains the purpose of the various structures.

A thriving city in Tribal Wars 2 is built on solid foundations – productive farms, full warehouses and sturdy army barracks protected by an impressive city wall. On that basis, specific buildings with special abilities are then planted. For example, in the inn, devious schemes are hatched and a hospital helps wounded soldiers back on their feet. With a vet, even their horses can be taken care of. By erecting a statue, your city comes under the protection of a mighty Paladin.

With a university, knight’s house or a fortified castle you really put the crown on the work. Universities not only yield gold, they also attract nobles needed to conquer enemy villages. Knighthouses give you access to one of three unique skills or units and in a castle you can be crowned king of the region. This gives you enough power to declare your allies Master Spy or Grand Inquisitor. Special titles that of course come with extra unique skills.


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