The ease of converting games to Nintendo Switch has resulted in many developers deciding to give their productions a second life. Thanks to this, Japanese Hendheld has become a great platform for catching up. Probably everyone has heard about the games of the Danish studio Playdead, even the gamer who avoids the indie trend on a daily basis. Games such as Limbo and Inside have stolen the hearts of many, mainly thanks to the dark atmosphere and simple, yet demanding gameplay.

Darkness and fear

Everything we experience in Inside is shrouded in mystery and often has a symbolic dimension. By entering the skin of a lonely boy from the very beginning, we will experience the accompanying fear and uncertainty. The plot is not scratched in any way. The lack of dialogues, descriptions or thoughts of the hero forces us to interpret what we see on the screen. And it is not colorful. The world of Inside is extremely brutal, which can shock you from the very beginning. It is enough to make one small mistake for our teenaged hero to be torn apart by dogs or drowned by people tracking him. Adding a dark audiovisual setting to it, we can easily classify this title as a horror movie. And this is a horror of the best genre, keeping the player in suspense not thanks to scarecrows or jump scares, but by skillfully influencing the emotions of the recipient.

I Want to Believe

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the question of interpretation is in the hands of the player. Careful study of the surroundings and traveled locations can help us in this. The most popular theory I have come across is that the boy is a runaway victim of experiments. It’s easy to relate this to what we see on the screen, but I’m guessing there could be many more theories. The facts are, however, that the world is shrouded in darkness, everyone wants to kill us, and over time it will become clear that our hero is not just average. One of these skills will allow us to control faceless creatures, which is the basic mechanic for solving puzzles. Inside combines elements of an arcade and logical game. And although both are very simple in assumptions, they can engage the player.

Third time lucky

Inside is not a difficult game. For most of the obstacles planned by the creators, we will be able to deal with the second or third approach. In addition to moving, the game will be based only on the use of two buttons: jump and action. The solution is extremely simple, intuitive and perfectly harmonizing with smooth animation and platform assumptions. Where you need to think about it, you probably won’t have to tear your hair. Autosaves are automatic and frequent, so failures aren’t too painful. Considering that the production from PlayDead can be finished in one evening, I honestly admit that I expected a bit more challenge from her. It seems to me that there were also too many moments when you had to simply run ahead for several seconds. The game, however, makes up for it with the creation of the environment, which is observed with curiosity.

Inside with Switch in hand – summary

Inside seems to be even made for a console like Switch. Holding the screen in front of our eyes, we are 100% preoccupied with what is happening on it, thanks to which the game is even more captivating and has an even stronger effect on emotions. On the Nintendo Inside console, it works smoothly, sounds and looks great. Therefore, if you have not yet had a chance to play this Danish production, I recommend that you play it on Switch.


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