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Insomniac aspires to reach the level of Rocksteady with Marvel’s Spider-Man

Insomniac aspires to reach the level of Rocksteady with Marvel’s Spider-Man

Since its spectacular announcement at E3 2016, Marvel’s Spider-Man Has Sat on the Shoulder of a Giant: Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Series.

Even though the spider-man game has not been released yet, the comparisons are endless. For example, the fluidity of combat is compared to the Dark Knight’s movement. Also, fans and critics wonder if Insomniac’s storytelling prowess can reach the level Rocksteady has set.

Insomniac Creative Director Bryan Intihar has stated that the team is certainly looking to earn a place in the exclusive club of Rocksteady developers who make good licensed games.

Inspired by the work of Rocksteady

During a group interview at a press event in Milan, the same site where the Director discussed MJ’s role in the game, Intihar responded to a question about how other superhero games, specifically Spider-Man games, have inspired the development of Insomniac in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

After explaining that the team has played those games and declared Neversoft’s spider-man the best, Intihar praised Rocksteady’s work on his critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham trilogy..

Let me preface: yes, we’ve played the Batman: Arkham games and many fans have asked how we’re going to compare to the quality standard they’ve been able to set. Rocksteady has redefined the quality of superhero games and we want to be on the same level.

They want to make Spider-Man a reference

Interestingly, since the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum in 2009, few developers have attempted to emulate the Rocksteady formula.

High Moon Studios’ Deadpool failed to find success commercially, but is considered something of a specialty title, courtesy of Nolan North’s acting and writing.

However, it is surprising that Marvel’s Spider-Man seems like the first real attempt at trying to bring the same level of love and attention to a character. the same way Rocksteady did with Batman.

Batman: Arkham is not simply a licensed franchise. It is a love letter to what comes after. Considered by many to be the follow-up to Batman: The Animated Series due to the voice talents and involvement of writer Paul Dini, Batman: Arkham represents one of, if not the best, entry for the character in his myriad cross-media projects.

Will Insomniac be capable of the same feat with Spider-Man? We hope and have high hopes for it.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will be on sale on September 7 exclusively for PlayStation 4.


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