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iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8: what’s new?


iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8: what’s new?

iOS 15

The most important changes that would come with iOS 15 would be related to the management of notifications . With the new version of the operating system, users can choose how they prefer iPhone to react when new notifications arrive, depending on the situation they are in. So, for example, they would have the ability to block alerts while they work or sleep. There is also talk of the possibility of incorporate automatic replies according to the chosen configuration.

iOS 15 would also bring new features to iMessage, which would add new social features. However, the details on the subject are scarce. Instead, there are rumors of the possible adoption of an Always-on Display mode similar to that already implemented in Android smartphones, and perhaps Apple will choose to reveal more information at WWDC 2021

iPadOS 15

As with iPadOS 15, this system would add the capability of to place widgets on the entire home screen . The tablet software will also receive a library of applications like the one Apple has incorporated into the iPhone since iOS 14.

The Worldwide Developers Conference will also be the ideal setting for the Cupertino-based company to show App Tracking Transparency results . This privacy option debuted in iOS 14.5 and proved to be an instant hit, so it wouldn’t be unusual for Tim Cook and company to take advantage of the keynote to highlight its qualities and level of adoption.

watchOS 8

What is confirmed is that the operating system for the smartwatch will incorporate new accessibility options. The highlight is AssistiveTouch a feature that will help people with upper limb motor disabilities. It will work thanks to machine learning and use of the heart rate sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer. Therefore, users can control the clock using gestures and without touching the screen .