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IOS 8 Issues: Users complain about WiFi and battery life

IOS 8 Issues: Users complain about WiFi and battery life

IOS 8 problems: Users Complain About WiFi And Battery Life – And for just under a week we have installed iOS 8 in our Apple devices and although someone already reported this long before, with the beta versions of iOS 8, they only appear now in the light of day, numerous blogs and topics on various forums the numerous problems that many users have with this new version of the problem. And it really seems that the users affected by these problems are really numerous, more than usual in the history of Apple.

The biggest problems are related to WiFi browsing and battery consumption. This problem is experienced by both users who own an iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPad Air or iPad mini retina. These users ensure that they experience very slow speeds when searching the internet using WiFi, notice abnormal battery drain, and see their device shut down when you still have 5% or 6% of precious battery available on the device.

Some users also report transfer speed data such as 0.01 Mbps when browsing using the WiFi network and notice battery consumption from 100% to 0% in less than four hours by keeping it in their pocket all the time without receiving messages or calls. It is really strange that these problems have minimized or not even occurred when trying the Beta versions of iOS 8.

As for my personal experience, I have been using the version for a week Gold Master of iOS 8 and I had no problems with speed when connecting with WiFi, but I had really had problems with battery life on the iPhone 5. As for the use of iPad I had no problems whatsoever. Since now, sinceinstalling iOS 8 on my iPhone, I am forced to bring the lighting cable with me, I hope that Apple will release an update very soon that corrects these problems. What do you think of it? Have you also had problems with iOS 8?