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iOS 8: support for app extensions finally available!


iOS 8: support for app extensions finally available!

Perhaps many have not thought about this thing, but at least for myself, the support for app extensions on iOS 8 was one of the most awaited features that now with the officialization of the latest iOS release is finally a reality!

But what does app extension support mean?
Many developers can now simply increase the freedom of “movement” of their apps within the entire operating system with enormous benefits for the user.
For example, if we are editing a photo in a program but a filter that we like is missing but it is present in another app, we can use it without having to close the previous one and find the photo with the desired changes in the first app used.

Another advantage for example concerns Safari. During the demo at WWDC, thanks to a Bing extension, it was possible to obtain an instant translation of a web page.
Or from the sharing menus, and this is the function that I most personally envied on Android, it will be possible to share anything with all the apps installed, then share for example an image on Instagram without having to close Images and then open the app.
A great convenience isn’t it?
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