Perhaps many will clearly remember how portable gaming industries, such as Sony and Nintendo, scoffed at games on iOS devices and beyond those on Android terminals. It was clear to everyone that when Apple lowered the price of the iPod Touch to $ 199, games on smartphones and tablets would sooner or later replace portable consoles like the PSP or DS.

That time has come, and portable consoles are destined to end up in oblivion stacked and dusty among the store shelves. According to a recent study by IDC and Annie, games run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are gaining market dominance. The study carried out by the two research institutes showed that those in possession of a high-end smartphone or tablet, on average spend 3 times more time playing with their devices than the owners of portable consoles.

If these numbers continue to be maintained over time, or even tend to grow, mobile consoles will be confined to a niche market or in the worst case scenario, the entire category of products could literally go out of the usual consumption of users.

Also according to this particular and interesting research, in the first 3 months of the year the expenses for games on the App Store or on Google Play have increased, while the purchase of games for PS Vita, DS and other portable consoles is drastically dropped to worrying levels; not only that, even in the past Christmas holidays, usually a happy period for the portable video game market, this particular sector has been overtaken by apps for iOS and Android devices.

Furthermore, all the data of IDC and Annie do not take into account the profits generated by advertising and in-app purchases, but only the actual amount of expenses incurred for the purchase of mobile games made by users. Had those figures been taken into account, the decline in portable console games would have been even more evident.

But why does all this happen? In my opinion, the answer is really simple: portable consoles have an average price ranging between € 150 and € 290, and each game costs between € 30 and € 50. An iPod Touch or a Nexus 7 cost $ 199 while the games range between $ 0.99 and $ 5 at most … … Facts 2 the answer seems quite obvious, and in my opinion PSP, PS Vita, NDS etc … are intended for succumb


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