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IOS keyboard: What you play with KeySonic!

IOS keyboard: What you play with KeySonic!

Are you tired of always hearing that flat “beep beep” on yours IOS keyboard and do you want to amaze everyone by making your phone ring in a very special way? There IOS keyboard comes to meet you! Is called KeySonic and it was created by the DSonic company, famous for designing some sound effects for the Bioshock videogame and more.

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The idea of ​​creating a IOS keyboard sound starts from the assumption that mobile phones in movies and shows always have very special sound effects, so why not have them in real life too?

There is a huge assortment of sounds to choose from for yours IOS keyboardsix sets of free sounds and the possibility of installing another 21. For only € 0.99 if you want, your phone can become an electric guitar, or have much more particular sounds such as flatulence or, even more disturbing, laughter by Jack Nicholson in the movie The Shining!

Every IOS keyboard has its own design like the one dedicated to the sounds of Basketball; of this collection are also part of the particularities such as the one called Restricted Access which really sounds like a security keypad from a secret nuclear missile silo. Steampunk instead it provides a collection of very pleasant sounds when you press the shift key. When you press the e button on yours keyboard IOS Creepy Circe you will hear the sound of a clown.

If you want to let someone know that you are drowning (metaphorically) you can tell them using the sounds of the water themed sound keyboard called Life Savers; while if you want to hear the sounds of the Savannah you can buy the IOS keyboard Safari with the sounds of African Djembe drums. In short, you are spoiled for choice, but our advice is not to abuse the patience of the people around you!