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iPad Pro 2020 with a totally RENEWED ACCESSORY

iPad Pro 2020 with a totally RENEWED ACCESSORY

According to today’s source, Apple is ready to release a new iPad Pro 2020 with a refurbished accessory.

According to a new report from the famous site The Information today, Apple is planning to release a completely renewed accessory for the future iPad Pro 2020, which will allow you to take advantage of something that will make iPad a sort of Mac touch. I’m talking about a physical keyboard with an integrated trackpad. The report states that Apple is currently “preparing the keyboard for mass production,” which is a new Smart Keyboard with a small trackpad for using mouse functions.

This would be one of the last steps to change the tablet market, which has been stalling in the world for several years now. Apple will therefore release the accessory along with the next version of iPad Pro 2020, expected by the end of the year, and more precisely in the month of October or November.

In terms of design, today’s report states that the new Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro with trackpad should be “made of similar materials” to the current Smart Keyboard. This implies that a fabric design will be unveiled, and that Foxconn will be one of the “main producers” of the new accessory, although there is still a lot of hype about the coronavirus in China.

Digitimes reported last month that Apple was developing a backlit Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro, which is also slated for release later this year. That report didn’t mention a built-in trackpad, nor does today’s report corroborate the backlight claim, but perhaps they’re talking about the exact same thing.

In short, I can’t wait to find out all the news of the case.