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iPhone 6: new photo shows it from access


iPhone 6: new photo shows it from access

There is not a day since the beginning of this 2014 that on the web we do nothing but talk about iPhone 6images, videos and so on and so forth.

We remind you how this iPhone 6 should be presented by Apple on September 9th. Today, another photo of Apple’s next iPhone was released by the well-known site GSMArena which shows the public the smallest model with a 4.7-inch screen on, showing more or less what the lock screen of the next Apple phone will look like.

The more the days pass, the more doubts are starting to go away, the shape of the iPhone 6 it is very precise, it is assumed, taking a cue from the many rumors released to date that the entire components will be a new dual-core Apple A8 CPU that will work at a frequency of 2Ghz, the ram is 2GB, storage of both 16GB, 32 and 64GB , in all probability in the middle of next year a model with 128GB will also be released, speaking of camera, the rear could be 13 megapixel.

We are not yet sure if, close to the 4.7-inch model on the date written above, the larger model with 5.5-inch screen and sapphire glass will also make its appearance or if, instead, it will be mandatory to wait for another event set for this. autumn to witness the new Apple phablet. Time is running out, the truth is getting closer, we will update you in these days.