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Is Marvel’s Spider-Man the best superhero game ever?

Is Marvel’s Spider-Man the best superhero game ever?

We continue our round of clashes between two Sonyers with the “Face to face”a series of articles designed to open a healthy debate between any topic that affects PlayStation consoles.

The objective of this series of installments is for each one to defend a position arguing their ideas, always in a clear and respectful way. It is not about responding to the other, but about presenting to the audience the reasons to defend that position.

This time, and on the occasion of the recent launch of Marvel’s Spider-Mana game that remains on everyone’s lips due to the great work done with Spider-Man by Insonmiac Games, we wanted to discuss its impact on the world of superhero video games…

We remind you that you can send your proposals for a “Face to Face” by writing to indicating the title and a text with a length between 9 and 16 lines. The theme is free as long as it has to do with video games, if we like it and “it is defensible” it will be published in Sonyers.

Let’s go for the first face to face today. Is Marvel’s Spider-Man the best superhero game ever?

FRANKSONYER – Yes, he is the best.

It is an open world video game It is full of details that will make any fan of superheroes be fascinated. There are important references to the Marvel universe, such as the Avengers tower and the Wakanda embassy.

The difference is in the details, and Spider-Man on PS4 gets it, it has a wide range of spider suits that have appeared in the character’s comics, and each suit is designed to the millimeter. If you are a fan of superheroes this is incredible. Not satisfied with that, each suit has its own characteristic ability, this makes it even more unique and makes everything make sense.

The most characteristic thing about spiderman is its webs, because in Insomniac Games they decided to put all kinds of innovative gadgets on the webs, something that makes it unique and has a connection with the reality that Peter Parker faces in the comics, that makes it a game faithful to the universe of superheroes and perfectly fits its formula.

The story of the video game is top in a superhero video game, it has a very solid plot, with feelings, emotions similar to those that Spider-Man lives with his problems on a daily basis. That makes it so faithful and equal to what we feel when we read one of his comics, which makes it unique.

Insomniac Games have managed to give us a Spider-Man to match, and the graphics do the character quite justice, you have the feeling of watching a Spider-Man movie. He is amazing.

Also, the photo mode of the Insomniac title is impressive. With different modes and possibilities, any fan of superheroes in general can have a great time just taking photos in this video game. Make a cover of a comic with your personal pose? Take dangerous selfies? Show your favorite suit to everyone? Those details make Marvel’s Spider-Man a perfect superhero video game.

Have you often felt that you have made a fast trip but you do not know how the character has traveled there? In Spider-Man for PS4 they had the ingenious idea of ​​taking the character on the subway, that makes it totally believable and amazing.

Finally, one of the reasons why Marvel’s Spider-Man seems to me the best superhero video game is because they have dared to have citizens in their environment, but citizens who interact with us and we can take a selfie or other things that will be very cool.

Javitxu – For me it is not

Marvel’s Spider-Man is amazing, I agree, in fact the 9.5 grade I gave it in the analysis testifies to this.

It seems to me an outstanding job by Insonmiac Games, they have taken care of amazing details, they have worked hard so that the balance and combat are fully satisfactory, and the fidelity of the movements, the poses, the personality of the enemies… everything fits and everything It is a true delight for lovers of comics and spider-man in general.

All that being said, I think Marvel’s Spider-Man is the most caring game ever for the superhero fan, but not the best superhero game ever.

The reason is simple, for me Batman: Arkham Asylum was the real change, It was the game that marked the way and elevated Rocksteady, it was the title that showed that a great superhero game can be made on console – so many bad examples had made us think otherwise – and it was the one that would mark a spectacular trilogy and of which Insomniac has taken so many references.

Because I repeat what I said in the analysis, Insonmiac copies Batman Arkham too much, and copies it wonderfully, it even improves many things, but that factor of originality is lost and for me it is what makes Marvel’s Spider-Man not the best and may Rocksteady’s Batman have more merit.

That means knowing what’s new about our friend and neighbor isn’t something totally mandatory, not just for the Spider-Man fan, but for anyone who likes Marvel or just open-world beat’em up style games. That it is not the best for me does not mean that it is not a full-fledged MUST.


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