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Is this the cheapest Samsung mobile? Galaxy F22 or Galaxy A22


Is this the cheapest Samsung mobile? Galaxy F22 or Galaxy A22

Samsung continues to work to complete its catalog of medium variety phones in 2021. Today we must depart from a new filtered mannequin that could be consolidated as the second-hand Samsung mobile of its catalog, or at least the most used of 2021. It is the Galaxy F22, a device from the new Galaxy F series that would be destined for India. The good news is that she would still have a brother in Westeros named Galaxy A22. Both would be very similar or even identical devices.

What does the Samsung Galaxy F22 offer to be the most used?

Of course, it is a device that has not been presented, so there is no information on official prices. What we can do is find out its list of features, which allows us to speculate on its possible position in the Samsung catalog and compare it with other terminals. East Galaxy F22 would be a Galaxy A22which can be purchased with the Galaxy A21 currently on sale on Amazon.

With the calculator in hand we can think that the Samsung Galaxy F22 or Galaxy A22 would come with a price of approx. 150/200 euros / dollars. Of the terminals available in Poniente, it would be one of the cheapest in the catalog, at least those launched this year.

The characteristics of this Galaxy F22 speak of a processor MediaTek Dimension 700, 4 or 6 GB of RAM and a 48 MP main camera. It would be made of plastic and its screen would most likely be HD+ and not FullHD +.

Whether it will have 5G or 4G LTE support is little that we do not know at the moment and that the leaks do not clarify. What is clear is that this Samsung Galaxy F22 he could only come to India and Westeros knew him as Galaxy A22.

We have to wait to find out if it will be the The most used Samsung mobile for entrepreneurs in 2021 Or, on the contrary, it will have a higher price than other devices in the Samsung catalog.