Pre-open beta testing is over, but it’s not over yet.

We recently reported that a Joymax new under its wings Karma Online game, the Prisoners of the Dead you can apply for beta testing. This invitational testing phase has now been completed and developer Dragonfly has gained a lot of experience with the event.
The next phase of testing is guaranteed to be an open beta, the date of which has already come to light: fans – and of course the curious ones – will be able to take part in the fun from August 2nd to 16th, but you still have to sign up for the beta, which interested parties can do so on the official website. A new European server for the game will also debut at the beginning of the beta, which will provide a lag-free gaming experience for European players.
There will also be ten all-new tracks debuting in the open beta, which will include, for example, The Holy Ground – a team deathmatch map – in which opposing parties will have to fight in a temple, through dark tunnels and open spaces. We’ll even get to know two new characters, named Karl and Günther, and our arsenal will be expanded with eleven new weapons, upgrading the total number of weapons to 25. However, we will encounter even more in this game, which will be close to the final state.


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