Whether it’s to clarify your thinking, understand the context of your life, increase your EQ, or many other benefits, researchers have said that journaling is therapy for your soul. And given that we produce it continuously and regularly in the form of written words, it still improves your communication skills, stimulates creativity, increases your self-confidence and strengthens your self-discipline. Some have even said that keeping a journal helps speed up the physical healing process.

The question is with so many benefits of journaling, why doesn’t everyone do it? The most obvious reason is that it is a tedious task. At least, if you see it as another task at hand. But what if you add fun and fun to the activity? It could turn out to be little that you still look forward to every day.

Day One is a beautiful diary app that can make you want to journal regularly. And as a bonus, you don’t have to pile up springs of your written journals on the shelves to collect dust.

write the first word

Day One is suitable in several versions: Mac (US$19.99), IOS Devices and Apple Watch (US$4.99). They can be synced using the server on the Day One cirrus, but to do so, you need to register and log in to your Day One account. You can do this by going to the “Day One -> Preferences -> Universal” menu and clicking on “Connection” . If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for one.

NoticeNote: Prices for both apps are valid at the time of writing, but developers tend to change the price of their apps.

If you already have an account, you can use your login information to sign in. The app will regularly sync your log data with the server, so you can always track your log on the device you are using.

Now comes the hard part: write your first word. Some experts have said that it is not necessary to think too much and just write words, repeating the process every day. Popular science says you have to repeat the same process for twenty-one days to make it a habit, but effective science says it depends on how difficult the process is. The more difficult processes require more repetitions to become a habit. Hopefully day 1 can make journaling fun and it will become your daily routine in no time.

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Keep the journal alive

In Reading for Mac, the app will remain silent on the menu bar. Click on the icon on the menu bar or use the quick access key to open the small quick input window and write your diary. The shortcut key combination can be customized via “Preferences -> Universal”. I am using “Control + Shift + D” on my Mac to invoke the quick input window.

By default, the first day will remind you to write your diary once a day. You can associate a new reminder or modify the existing one from “Preferences -> Reminders”.

In the new Day One reading, you can associate multiple records, each linked to a different Day One account and protected by a password. This setup can be very useful if you only have one computer at home but multiple iOS devices, one for each community member. Manage multiple accounts via “Preferences -> Journal” and password settings via “Preferences -> Security”.

Another thing you can customize in the Preferences windows is the “Font” style of the “Appearance” tab.

Let’s not forget the iOS app reading. This is a similar app designed for smaller screens and mobile use. The two most striking differences between desktop reading and mobile reading are that mobile reading has the ability to associate photos using the device’s camera, and its interface will adapt to its finesse. device orientation.

Share the brochure with the world

Social networks, in common, have turned our living beings into living beings of sharing. People’s private and personal affairs are now open to anyone who cares. Sometimes you can even find unimportant little things about your friend’s life on social media, like what they ate for breakfast or your friend’s honest thoughts on swimsuits. obsolete from another friend.

If you’re into the sharing crowd, Day One makes it easy for you to share your diary entries with popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other apps that connect to Mac sharing.

For me, Day One is a graceful way to incorporate journaling into my daily routine. What do you think? Do you keep a diary? Why or why not? Share your thoughts using the comment below.

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