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Know all the details of the villains of Marvel’s Spider-Man

Know all the details of the villains of Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games is getting closer to its premiere and promises to bring us action for a while. One reason is the amount of villains we will face with both Spidey and Peter Parker.

For this reason, and because they have been getting to know each other little by little and some may have forgotten, Sony Interactive Entertainment has updated the game’s official website with new profiles for the villains.

As well as details on who they are and what they want in the game, we also have hi-res images of all of them.

Without further ado, we present them to you:

Mister Negative

Mister Negativehe is a divided man. For the citizens of New York it is Matin Li, the respected philanthropist and businessman who founded the famous FESTÍN shelters. However, in the underworld it is known as Mister Negative, a cocky mob boss who commands the fearsome Inner Demons. He also controls a dark energy that allows him to destroy anyone or anything that gets in his way.

Mister Negative is obsessed with getting revenge on a high-ranking NYPD officer whom he believes is responsible for his terrifying powers. And, as if that were not enough, he is also behind an evil plan with which he intends to sow chaos in the Big Apple.


The public image of Wilson Fisk is that of a self-made philanthropist and businessman, but under that façade lurks the feared boss of New York’s crime families known as Kingpin. Spider-Man has spent years trying to catch him red-handed until he finally succeeds. However, he realizes that perhaps Fisk was right when he said that “he was the one who had put order in the city.”

Spider-Man soon finds himself in a strange situation: he has to save Fisk’s men in order to solve the mystery of a new threat hanging over the entire city.


Max Dillon He is able to control electricity and has a very clear goal: to transform into pure energy to reach his final form.

Electro He’s teamed up with an evil mastermind who can help him get there, but first he has to fulfill his end of the bargain by getting rid of one of the most powerful men in New York.


Aleksei Sytsevichwho has superhuman strength due to his artificial skin, has been put in the service of a sinister guy who can help him leave behind the armor and the reputation of Rhinoceros.

Of course, Rhino has to pay off his debt to his benefactor. His mission from him? Make life impossible for a powerful New York tycoon as soon as he leaves the Raft.


After spending a few hours behind bars on the Raft, the psychotic mac gargan he is free again and more than willing to stoke his rivalry with Spider-Man.

In exchange for a clean slate with your criminal record, scorpion He will do whatever it takes to kill Spider-Man using the venom from his terrifying stinger.


How do you pull off the perfect heist? Herman Schultz knows the answer. His modus operandi is to use a high-tech suit with gauntlets that send out powerful vibration waves. With them he is able to destroy bank vaults and avoid the police.

shocker He’s been Spider-Man’s nemesis for a long time, but this time Schultz has even more sinister motivations…


vulture and his flight suit have given Spider-Man headaches ever since Peter Parker began mastering his spider powers. However, now Adrian Toomes He suffers from bone marrow cancer caused by his own suit.

A sinister villain like no other has come up with a plan to save Adrian’s life and get him off the Raft… in exchange for a helping hand to get revenge on a city celebrity.

Inner Demons

The Inner Demons The interiors are mysterious enemies that are characterized by wearing Chinese masks and dressed in a black and white suit. Are the minions of Martin Li aka Mister Negative.

Some Inner Demons wield weapons imbued with negative energy that can do a lot of damage to Spider-Man. To top it off, Mister Negative can corrupt one or two Inner Demons with a long direct hit, thus multiplying his power.


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