Let the demonstrations begin

With the arrival of PlayStation Move, it is important that Sony immediately takes a good step to compete with Microsoft’s Natal. Move and Kinect can, I should say, drive higher sales for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and of course they can do that by releasing the greatest titles that take advantage of the new technology. Sony has started, and one of the launch titles for Move is Kung Fu Rider, a real Japanese game that makes no sense.

And it makes no sense when you start this game for the first time. The game concept has of course become well known, but when you actually get started with it, it is even more crazy than you could have expected. Kung Fu Rider is therefore not about anything and the plot quickly makes that clear. Toby, a private detective, and Karin, his secretary, have the simple task of escaping Hong Kong, and how could it be otherwise than with an office chair that you use to roll over the busy streets? That’s really what it’s all about, and the gameplay is just as simple. Race through the busy streets with mafia trying to catch you and punch you, construction workers crossing with ladders, cars driving around and all kinds of objects blocking the way. The racing takes some getting used to in the beginning, but it will soon feel quite simplistic. You need to arrive at your ultimate goal within a minute or two, a bus that will take you further out of Hong Kong and pick up as much money as possible and difficult routes along the way, that’s it. Each level is part of a chapter, of which there are really very few. Kung Fu Rider can be completed in half an evening, if you can survive the rather boring gameplay for a few hours. Kung Fu Rider has a major lack of variety and fun. In the beginning, driving on the various ‘vehicles’ still seems quite amusing, but after half an hour you have probably already seen it. The way of playing doesn’t change at all, the levels only get more chaotic, fuller and spicier as you progress. More doesn’t really change, although you do get other toys next to your standard office chair, which go faster, have more grip, or whatever. It’s not really noteworthy though.

rush work

You often get the impression that this game was put together in a few weeks. As if it’s something that people suddenly thought about and wanted to work out 3 weeks before the launch of Move. Not only is the gameplay as standard as can be, the cinematics are also as one-sided as can be. The chosen character constantly wonders how his or her boyfriend or girlfriend is doing, after which the race follows. Everything is and remains constantly monotonous, which can become quite irritating. The same goes for the Hong Kong environments. I can understand that this is a cosmopolitan city with only buildings, towers and people populating the streets, but a little more variety would have been nice. For my part, the developer had added pyramidal deserts or MotorStorm-esque jungles to the level design. It could have at least made it all a lot less black and white. And to think that the number of levels is also very low, and many pieces just return twice.

Kung Fu Rider uses a quite unique concept, because let’s face it: Who doesn’t like to cruise through the office or through the schoolroom on an office chair? However, Kung Fu Rider fails miserably due to the lack of quality and content. Not only the gameplay is too short, the Move functionality does not always work. The jumping is sometimes unresponsive, the drifting doesn’t work at all and taking tight turns doesn’t always go well, all while you keep calibrating to get it right. In addition, the constantly emerging Kung Fu Rider soundtrack is completely uninspired and boring, the game looks very poor graphically, and this game will not cause a smile on your face even with a friend. And with that, pretty much everything has been said. Not to mention the lack of game modes, which makes the game quite ridiculous and more like a minigame.

Because that also puts you directly in control of the conclusion. Instead of a Move controller in combination with Kung Fu Rider, you better have nothing in your hands, because this game is not far from sad and dramatic added together. Considering that you have to pay almost full price for a game that is supposed to show the Move functionalities that actually don’t even work properly is a shame. Something that should be a demonstration of the quality of the Move hardware, something that needs to be acknowledged, has gone completely wrong. The only thing I pay my respect for is the rather unique idea with which they went to the drawing board, because that’s pretty much the only fun thing I can think of for the time being after wasting my night of gaming. Quick in the closet with it!

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Author: Jeroen Janssen | Genre: Action/Race | Release: 14-10-2010 | Publisher: Sony | Developer: Sony JapanGraphics: 5.0 † Sound: 4.0 † Gameplay: 3.0 † Controls: 4.5 † Playback: 2.0 3.0+ The idea is not wrong…++- ..but the execution is bad- Gameplay is way too one-sided- Short, not a full-fledged game


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