Lego City Undercover was one of those exclusives from Wii U that left a lot of people with “envy” of the console of Nintendo there in 2013. As “better late than never”, soon the game will reach the PCs, to Playstation 4, to Xbox one and until the Nintendo Switch!

Lego City Undercover stood out from other games Lego for being “different”: instead of having a licensed brand turning into blocks — like Lego Marvel Avengers or Lego Star Wars — what we have here is a totally original game, with a footprint that even resembles GTA, oddly enough.

In the plot, you take on the role of the cop Chase McCain, who spent two years away but is called back to duty to free the Lego City of the most varied bandits and evildoers. For this, you’ll have many gadgets and skills, you’ll be able to build different vehicles and assume disguises to keep yourself “undercover”.

We recently had a trailer that didn’t reveal the exact release date, but showed a bit of the game’s universe, check it out:

Now a new trailer has been released by Warner, and he delivers the final release date of the game to SQUARE, Playstation 4, Xbox one and even Nintendo Switch: it was almost 4 years of waiting, but finally we will be able to experience this interesting “GTA in Lego“ on April 7th!

Stay with the new trailer:

If you’re one of those who got jealous back in 2013, it’s time to catch up! If all goes well, this time we will have a complete review of the agame here on BestyGames, keep an eye!


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